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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 840: Spoiler   Mi 21 Sep - 9:59

Chapter title is "Iron Mask".

Germa has been a "country of science" traditionally.
Judge and Vegapunk used to be illegal researchers. Vegapunk got arrested since he found blueprint of life (DNA?).

Actually World Government bought the research team, but Judge managed to run away and continued researching.

Germa soldiers are programmed not to betray their boss and don't fear death. All Germa soldiers are the clones of some excellent soldiers.

Ichiji and Niji appear. Niji expected Sanji a bit when he heard that Sanji is pirate, but now he is disappointed.

Sanji yells, "How dare you hurt Cosette-chan!!"

Sanji kicks Niji in his face, but his kick doesn't hurt him at all. Niji says. "Stealth" , appears from behind and beats Sanji wit electric attack.
Ichiji says he is going to confirm their hierarchy and calls Sanji clunker.

Flashback starts. Judge says that now that he gave his sons talent they should train hard.

Judge is worried why only Sanji is weak. According to doctor, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji developed their exoskeletons greatly, but Sanji is just a human. Judge is disappointed.

Judge tells Germa66 soldiers that Sanji suffered a shipwreck. Sanji gets imprisoned with iron mask. He can't even eat and asks for help.

Judge says that Sanji was not supposed to be born. Sanji sheds tears and apologizes again and again to Judge.

Sanji's brothers don't care about Sanji at all, but only Reiju seems to be worried about him.



BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 840: Spoiler   Mi 21 Sep - 10:33

Also sind die Kinder doch alle künstlich?! Trotz allem scheint Sanji ein Normalo also ein normaler Mensch zu sein und YES! Reiju scheint tatsächlich auf Sanji´s Seite zu sein. Ich freu mich auf den Chapter, nur Schade, dass wir erstmal nichts mehr von Ruffy und Co. nichts erfahren.

Das mit dem DNA eröffnet komplett neue Einsichten und wege für komplett andere Thoerien...



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 840: Spoiler   Mi 21 Sep - 13:18

Also wird es wirklich passieren das Sanji neue Kräfte bekommt und diese wohl erst aktivieren muss.ich denke schon das es etwas in seinen modifieren Genen gibt.


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