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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 879: Spoiler    Do 21 Sep - 15:06

Erste grobe Spoiler sind bekannt. Es gab diverse Verhaftungen und andere Spoilerlieferanten haben auf gehört. Ob das Kapitel heute noch erscheint, ist unklar. Es kann gut möglich sein, dass in Zukunft das Kapitel Freitags im Netz erscheint (wohlgemerkt immernoch illegal mehrere Tage bevor es in Japan erschein) und die Spoiler am Donnerstag kommen.


Bild 1
Jimbei: The ones who should cry are the enemies. Don't be disheartened.

Brook: Hey Jinbe, what's with that heartless speech! (Unclear) Out of all of us you knew Pedro the least!

Jimbei: I told you not to let yourselves get anxious! We were up against the wall, that's the kind of place this is. I'm prepared to risk my life at all times. This is Pedro's 'victory'!

Bild 2
Soldat: Katakuri's (Arm?)is bigger!
Katakuri: Is this really alright?

Bild 3
Pudding: In Chocolatown, the only Chocolate minister was Lola. I thought maybe she would come back someday.
Sanji: Eh... Lola-chan from Thriller Bark was a famous chocolatier huh. That's all well and good but can you come out of there Pudding?
Pudding: Ahahah! Wearing a wedding dress and sitting on a [unclear] with that man, people are gonna think we're like husband and wife aren't they!
Chiffon: Who will?
Pudding: It-It'd be troublesome! It'd be troublesome so..!
Sanji: Even so, make sure you don't accidentally fall out of there.
Pudding: Kyaaa! How kind! Worrying about me-... Sh-shut up!! Whether I fall out or not is none of your business Sanji!! (unclear)
Chiffon: Anyway Pudding we have reached cacao island .
Sanji: Alright, let's hurry up and make it!
Pudding: -san. <3



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