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BeitragThema: Informationen zum zweiten Spin Off Kapitel von Ace   Di 5 Jun - 19:57

Ich hab hier noch ein paar Informationen zum zweiten Kapitel Spin Off Kapitel von Ace gefunden.
Ich hab diese Infos selbst über eine andere Seite, wo diese Infos schon in Englisch übersetzt waren. Die Orignialquelle ist unten verlinkt.
Falls es schon einen Thread dazu gibt, bitte verschieben Smile

– Thatch was the commander of the 4th division of the Whitebeard Pirates ,He is a Chef ! The 4th Division’s force is about cooking ! He took care of ace while ace is attempting to kill Whitebeard all the 100 times !

– Shanks becomes terrible if he becomes angry !

– Whitebeard becomes terrible if someone did bad things against his rights ( Like family ) , He is the strongest pirate in the world !

– Mama becomes terrible if she is unhappy ! Her family is the most terrible one in the world !

– Kaido is terrible even only with his own Existence ! He is the most powerful creature in the world !

– The time before the yonko was the age of Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki !

– Mama was powerful ! she built her own cities !

– Whitebeard and Mama consider the old ages or the Ancient times while Shanks and Kaido the newest age !

– Thatch weapon is a sword looks like a kitchen knife !

– If a crew pirates is not defeated by one of the Yonko , the yonko will chase them until they defeat them ! It is a severe thing more than expected !

– A man tried to hurt one of Whitebeard rights but this man was supplied by the other yonko to kill whitebeard !

– at the end of the second novel all the spade pirates members joined Whitebeard Ship officially !

Source :

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BeitragThema: Re: Informationen zum zweiten Spin Off Kapitel von Ace   Di 5 Jun - 20:39

Es gibt auch eine komplette Zusammenfassung von Sandman:

1. Teil:
2. Teil:

Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones

Hordy Jones

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BeitragThema: Re: Informationen zum zweiten Spin Off Kapitel von Ace   So 10 Jun - 11:40

Das Cover in hoher Auflösung:


Klick doch mal auf uns, wir helfen gerne


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