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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 603 Spoiler Pics   Di 2 Nov - 11:52


Shakky: they went so fast...
Monkey-chan... and others... all became so strong..
Rayleigh: You were watching?
Shakky: Yes, I'm a fan afterall.
....weren't you remembering something?
Rayleigh: Hm?? yeah... you could say that.
Shakky: fufu...

Roger: Hey! You got a nice ship there!
Rayleigh: Hmm? It's a stolen ship... My house was burned, so I'm living here.
Roger: I see!! What's your name!?
Rayleigh: .... Rayleigh

Roger: I'm Roger!! Us meeting here is fated, Rayleigh! Why don't you come with me to turn the world upside down!?
Rayleigh: Turn the world!? Haahaha, who the hell are you? Get lost!

Rayleigh: .... perhaps there is no coincidence in this world. It's as if it was destinied to be....
fate slowly takes its shape... anyways, Luffy has grown to become even more fitting man for that hat....!!
Perhaps.. it's not a bad idea to keep living a little longer.

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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