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Hodi: The former Great Knight Neptune has aged....
Shirahoshi& Three princes: Father!!
Civilians: Your Highness!!!

Deep within the Forest of Sea
Robin: It seems a little different from the Poneglyphs I've read before...
It's almost like an apology letter.... who is it apologizing to?
Who are you...."Joy Boy"?

Usopp: Damn, the water is rising!! Do something, Zoro!!
Zoro: Alright, get this cuff off of me
Usopp: Cuff!! Release yourself!! ... sorry I don't have telekinesis
Brook: Hey! Hey! By the way, did you see the faces on those fishmen when I moved?

Brook (flashback): Yes, it's me! Dead and only bone left, Brook! Yohoho!
Fishmen: Gyaaaaaa!!
Zoro & Usopp: If you pretended to be dead, you could have let us free!!
Brook: Help!! They're gonna kill me!

Brook: Oh wait, I'm already dead. Yohoho!
Zoro: Oh well, Nami got away right? They just need to get Luffy and others
Usopp: What if they dont' come!?

Usopp: Robin impersonation! "I wonder if Nami's been killed by deepsea fishes?"
Brook: Yohoho!! That's just like her!!

Hodi: 400 million Bounty Head "Straw Hat" Luffy!!
Your heads would be perfect to make example to the surface world!!
Luffy: .....
Hodi: Alright...we're starting the Clean Up time of Ryuuguu Kingdom!!
In three hours, this island will be reborn into a proud Fishman Island!!

Screen shuts off

Citizens: I can't believe this...!
Fukaboshi: I won't let him....!!

Chopper & Franky: Why, because we're humans?
Sanji: Shut up you two! You'll make this even more confusing!
Jinbe: That's right... the remnants of Fishmen will hate the humans again... Let me handle this!
Luffy: Jinbe!! They got my crew!! If we leave Hodi alone, my friends will be in trouble...
I'm going!! If you want to stop me... just try it!!
Nami: Luffy!?
Jinbe: I let my guard down, since we fought side by side together... that's right, you're that man's brother weren't you?
If you don't intend to stop... then I guess I have no choice....!!


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