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Chapter 632: I knew it
From the deck of the world vol.17: A Bounty Hunter Family from Whiskey Peak

Hyozou: Zzz...
Dosun: Uooo!!! I still haven't rampaged enough ZUGOON!!!
Ikaros: Much!! Lay off the heat, I'll turn into a surume...uch!!
Fukaboshi: I'm sorry father....!
Neptune: Don't be... the strength they weild are not their true strength... it is but a false one
Ryuuboshi: But that means little if our nation is taken over with that power...!!

Pirate: Captain Hody!! Princess Shirahoshi and Jinbe have been caught in our traps!!
Neptune & Princes: Shirahoshi!!
Shirahoshi: Oh father...! And my brothers...!!

Pirates: UOOOO!!!
Hodi: Total of 100,000 outlaws!!!
There are some women and children that can't fight outside the plaza... but we'll take care of that after everything calms down...
Human pirates are growing in numbers... but first! For my 100,000.... I will take the homes of those who disgraced our race.
Die, or flee!! You better decide what to do now!!

Marmaid: Kyaaaa!!! Madam Shirley!!
Shirley: Oh!!
Hody: This is stupidity.... What do you do this in spite of? Are you simply venting at me!?
I'm not like your brother!!! Yeah, when I was a brat, your brother Arlong was a revered in Fishman Town...!!
Mermaid: Madam!!
Hody: But we have "power" in our hands now!!
In fact, the name of "Arlong Pirates" are nothing but an empty shell of a symbol, used to unite us in cause!!
Look at the size of my revolution! Look at my strength!! My plan has been in move since a decade ago!!
Do you want to know...?

Hody: The Queen you Ryuuguu Kingdom loved... Queen Otoshime was killed by me!!
Jinbe: What!!?
Pirates: You killed the Queen!? Are you serious, captain!!!?

Hody: She was in my way!! Right, Shirahoshi?
She preached our revenge on humans as "evil".
She went out of her ways to influence all over the island to befriend the humans!!
And she nearly successded!!! I couldn't stand her in my way!!
Citizens: Stop!! Don't tell this to the princess!!! This is too cruel!!
Hody: Your mother DESERVED TO DIE!! That's why I kllled her!! Yeah, I'm the murderer!!

Shirahoshi: ......I knew this all along
Neptune: Shirahoshi!!?
Jinbe: What!!?

Decken: So I threw it!! Bahohohoho!!
Noah is half the size of Fishman Island!! There's no where to run! And no way to stop it!!
Die along with the entire island, my beloved Shirahoshi!! Farewell, Fishman Island!!!!


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