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chapter 635: So disgusting, you have to fly
"Certain" wealthy chairman, appointed by World Nobles for founding Evil Black Drum Kingdom

Zeo: Even if you take out 50,000, we still have 50,000 more!
The Straw Hat Pirates are the sworn enemies of ours who continues to destroy our ambition!!
And Jinbe is the one who follows Otohime's ideals, and lives in friendship with the humans... he is the embodiment of "worst possible future" of fishmankind!!
NFPirates: Uoooooo!!!

Zoro: Luffy, 50,000 is too much! You took too many of them out!

(un-complete this pic-part)

Luffy: Oh yeah? Sorry
Sanji: I'll take out 30,000!! Marimo!
Marimo: Shut up, Mr Nosebleed....
Mr Nosebleed: EH!?

Hody: Do you really think.... you could protect this huge mermaid princess in middle of this large plaza!? Just try it...!! Uchimizu (Water Shot)!
Weakhoshi: huh? Kyaaaa!!!

(un-complete this pic-part)

Hody: ....!?
Luffy: Whoops, I guess I didn't need to worry about it.
Daruma: What!? Captain Hody was awakened as a monster, and yet.... he managed to shoot the captain's Water Shot with the same Water Shot!?
That man is a monster too!?
Jinbe: Humph! I don't know how you gained your power... but it's nothing but a rookie Fishman Karate.
NFPirates: Well yeah, he's the first fishman to ever become a Shichibukai...
I heard his bounty rose to over 400 million after he left the Shichibukai!

Jinbe: Shut up with your babbling, and come get us!! The only way you'll have the princess' life is after you've defeated all of us!!

Dosun: Canon Firing Squad, aim for Princess Shirahoshi!!
Soul King: Yohohohohoho!!! Unforgivable. You mean to harm the marmaid princess, the adoration of the entire world!?
"Party Music"! Welcome.. to the Night of the Festival!
NFPirates: What.... am I dreaming?
Soul King: c'mon, shoot your fireworks!
NFPirates: Yahooo!! This is getting fun! It's sooooo pretty.....
Dosun: What are you doing!? I said to aim at the Princess!! BOKAAAAN!
NFPirates: Huh? But Dosun-san, today is the day of festival....
Soul King: Well, you're already sliced up!! "Quinto Tias" Fantasia!
NFPirates: Gyaaaaa!!!

Commander: Go get them, Iron Shell Squad! Uooooo!!!
Zoro: Three-sword style.... Kokuhyou Ootatsumaki! (Black-rope giant tornado)
Iron Shell Squad: Gyaaaaa!!

NFPirates: Shell made of Iron were sliced up like fruits!?
What kind of slash is that... the scythe of the grim reaper!?
Wait what.... oh god it won't stop!!!! It's a slicing tornado!?
Run for your lives, it's gonna cut us!!!
How far is it going to chase us!?
Zoro: To the depth of hell
NFP: !!?

NFP: Raise the altitude of the bubble!! We'll get her from the sky!!
Kill Princess Shirahoshi!!!
NFP: We're the Sea Urchin Spike Squad, led by commander Harisenbon!! (Harisenbon is Japanese for thousand needles)
Piearce that kick figher man!!
Nn...... Hari... Sen.....
NFP: BOOOOOON! Haha, you have nowhere to go now!

Brook: Sanji-san, you're in danger! Why are you distracted!?
Sanji: .......
(It seems all so distant now... I was chased by those hideous creatures day after day...
rainy day... snowy day.... even thunderous days, I ran and ran....)

NFP: Kicking man, your head is ours!!
Sanji: (One day, I finally ran out of place to run to.... so I....)
NFP: Hogyaaaa!!!? (pierces each other)
Owwww Ouch Ouch!! What the..!?
Sanji: (I ran, and ran...)

Sanji: (Then I flew!! To the skies!!) Sky Walk!!
NFP: He's up there!!
Luffy: Wow!!!!! Sanji's flying!!
Robin: That's CP9's move...
Sanji (at the NFP pirates who flew to Shirahoshi): Hey you guys, if you wanna chat with Shirahoshi-chan... you'll have to go through me!!
I am you knight, princess!
Shirahoshi: Sanji-chin-sama!
Sanji: Diable Jump...

Sanji: Poêle à Frire Spectre!!
NFP: Gyaaa!!! aaaaaaa......
NFP: Hey, what is that..!?
Robin: Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano
NFP: Legs!?

Robin: "Stomp"
NFP: Gyaaaaa!!!!
Robin: Excuse me <3

NFP: Poison squad, deploy!!
Poison Squad: Alright!! Massive leg or arm, it doesn't matter, our lethal poison will put an end to it with one stab!!
Franky: Soldier Dock System Channel 4!
NFP: ...?

Franky: Black Rhino FR-U04!!
Franky: What about your poison now?
NFP: What the hell is that!?

Franky: Just try and poke this!
Poison Squad: Dwaaaa!!!!
Franky: .... this, steel monster that is!

NFP with a flail hammer: Steel for a steel!! Leave this to me! Puoooo!!!!
Franky: New number Channel 5!

Franky: BrachioTank 05 deploy!!
(Chopper's dialog cut off)
Brook: It's amazing!
Usopp: Did you see my uber canon aim?
Nami: I pulled the lever and the cockpit got larger... what does this do?
Pappag: Um, he's a "shipwright" right?
Chopper: Sir!! I am commander Chopper, sir!!

Chopper: Fire!!
Luffy? Brook?: Commander, you're so cool!!

Citizens: Wow... they're really awesome...!! There's just 10 of them, and they're fighting fine against 100,000!!!
Citizens: Straw Hats!!!! Boss Jinbe!!
Zeo: They're so full of themselves...

Hody: Kraken! Come down to the Plaza!!
There's only 10 of them, Kraken!! Go step on them, and it's all over!!

Citizens: Oh no, he's using the legendary Kraken!!
Even if the Straw Hats are so strong... if something that huge steps on them, it's all over!!
NFP: Gyahahahaha!! Feel the wrath of the Sea Creatures!!
Hey look, it's the idiot Kraken!! He's amazingly strong though!
Hody: Hey, what are you doing!? I brought you all the way from the north pole as my slave!! Work for me, damn it!!
Luffy: Oh hey, Surume!! It's me! Let me get on your back!! You've become our pet once, we're friends right?

NFP: Oh my god the Kraken betrayed us!!!! Stop, you stupid octopus!!
Luffy: Hehehehehe!! Go get em, Surume!!
NFP: Help us, captain!!!
Hody: (snap)


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