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239 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/10/04(火) 19:52:58.41 IDRUwJm7EP
641 お前は何だ
表紙は アラバスタ王国 病床コブラ 傍にビビがいる あとラッパのおっさん


ホーディ 全部守るといったのは虚勢か?麦わら!!
ルフィ 止めてやる!! 島に着く前にこの船を粉々にしてやる!!
ふかぼし ノアは未来を背負った船だと言ったハズだぞ! デッケンはまだ生きているかもしれな い~~
ルフィとふかぼし揉める。 見て笑うホーディ
しらほし船に近づこうとする ホーディ、しらほしに攻撃 マンボシ前に出てかわりにやられる
ルフィ、ホーディにパンチ ホーディ、ルフィのしゃぼん噛みつく
歯がルフィの肩に刺さる シャボンは割れない

ふかぼし 過去お前の身にどれほどのことがあった?人間は一体お前に何をした!!
ホーディ眼を閉じ 口を開ける

ふかぼし !!?
しらほし くちを抑え涙
ルフィー 額に汗
まんぼしも他も 聞いてるけど 何の会話かわからない

ルフィ ふかぼしにのり ノアと並走
そこにホーディ きりさめ
ふっとぶしらほし ふかぼし


ふかぼし 麦わら 聞こえるか? ホーディジョーンズの ハア 正体がわかった



Cobra in the cover. Chapter about Luffy, Hody, Noah and the other outside the Gyojin Island.

641: "What are you?!"

Decken's power fails and he falls, white-eyed
Noah heads straight for Fishman Island
Luffy is on Fukaboshi's back
Fukaboshi recollects a story about the kingdom

Hody: You say you'll protect everything? Are you kidding me? Strawhat!
Luffy: Stop! Before it reaches the island I'll smash this ship into tiny pieces!
Fukaboshi: It's said that this ship is the key to the future [literally: carries the future on it's back] Maybe Decken is still alive...
Luffy and Fukaboshi argue; Hody looks on and laughs.
Shirahoshi appears there
Shirahoshi approaches the ship, Hody attacks, but Manboshi appears and takes the attack instead
Luffy punches Hody, Hody bites at Luffy's bubble
His teeth sink into Luffy's shoulder, but the bubble doesn't pop
Hody gets rid of the air in the deck of Noah (?)
Fukaboshi attacks Hody with Ultramarine
Fukaboshi and Hody exchange blows. Hody bites at him.

Fukaboshi: How much of the old you is even left in that body? What in world did humans do to you?
Hody closes his eyes, opens his mouth

Fukaboshi: ?!?
Shirahoshi clutches her mouth and tears up
Luffy starts to sweat
Manboshi and the others hear too, but we (the audience) doesn't know what's being said

Luffy is riding on Fukaboshi, going alongside Noah (not sure here...), Shirahoshi too

Hody does Kirisame
Shirahoshi and Fukaboshi are blown away

The other fishman get in touch, saying "can't you stop the ship?"
Fukaboshi: Did you hear, Strawhat? Now we understand Hody Jones' true character
That truth was...?


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