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Ch. 859 Yonko Assassination Strategy

Bege states that Big Mom's head can be taken in 5 seconds under these conditions.
This assassination plan started from Caesar's guarantee.
Caesar takes out 3 rocket launchers.
There are two conditions that the "Poison Gas Bullets KX launcher" can demonstrate its real ability.
If no one can interfere in those 4 seconds, then Big Mom will be weakened. The two conditions will be present during the tea party.

In the seat in front of Big Mom at the tea party will be a photo of a person, "Mother Caramel"
The details are unknown, but it is rumored that it is a portrait of her dead benefactor.
At the previous ceremony, a waiter had carelessly knocked over the photo, causing Big Mom to go mad. Big Mom let out a large, strange voice and her Conqueror's Haki, making everyone around her unconscious.

After a short time, Big Mom fell to her knees and ended up scarping her knee.
Having never being wounded once, it seems that Big Mom's guard was weakened only for that moment.
The time lag between the picture being torn and her going mad is approximately 3 seconds.
It'll be a miracle if there are 3 seconds before the angry Big Mom Pirates revive and surround them.

Bege designates that dangerous role to Luffy, who readily consents.
The timing of the beginning of the plan is when Pudding shoots Sanji.
After it begins, Luffy and the others will rescue the Vinsmoke Family, while Bege and the others assassinate.

After the assassination is completed, Caesar, who can fly, will be holding onto the mirror used to escape and will infiltrate the area, which will be used to travel to the mirror world and allow them to escape to each respective ships.

2 and a half hours remain to the tea party after the meeting ends. Pudding has changed into her wedding dress in her room and complains that it is a pain that she'll have to eliminate a bunch of people's memories after the tea party in order to return to being a good child.


Translation: @Zoro4Prez2016



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 859: Spoiler    One Piece Manga 859: Spoiler  EmptyMi 15 März - 10:31

Danke nochmal an AceKun, aber ....

Dat chapter ist Online!!



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