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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Apr - 8:22

Quick Summary
Ch. 863 Consummate Chivalry

3 and a half ours before invasion, Luffy proposed a plan to capture a bunch of animals from the forest into his appearance and erupt from the cake.

Present time
The wedding cake collapses due to the bunch of Luffy's erupting from it.
An enrage Big Mom demands that the cooks bring out a new cake.

When the cooks refuse asking her not to ask such impossible demands, she releases her powers.
She chants "Life or Wedding Cake" and takes their lifespan from their bodies.

Her power "Soul Vocals" is addressed to a person's attachments, and if they show even a little fear of death, then she takes their lifespan.

Everyone follows Luffy and enters the venue.
BM yells about which is the real one, and Bege snickers in reply according to the disturbance plan. However, Bege is shocked when the real Luffy simply identifies himself.

Luffy aims for the picture stand, but Katakuri reads the future,extends his leg, and sends Luffy flying with a kick. He is covered by Katakuri's foot and becomes immobilized.
Katakuri interrogates Luffy to where he heard about the importance of the picture.

Jinbe rushes in and "Black Tea Current One-armed Shoulder Throw" and soaks Katakuri's feet with tea. Katakuri's feet muddily dissolves and Luffy escapes his grasp.

According to Jinbe, Katakuri has the Logia "Mochi Mochi no Mi", and it's possible to escape if he becomes wet but it's better not to be careless.

Jinbe protects Bege by stating that he was the one who told Luffy about the picture. Luffy is ecstatic as Jinbe declares to BM that he wants to quit her crew and join the Strawhats.

BM demands that he take the punishment of leaving, but Jinbe accepts on the terms that she doesn't harm anyone else.

She uses her Soul Vocals and states to Jinbe "Stay or Life", who chooses Life. Normally, she should be able to take his lifespan, but nothing happens because Jinbe doesn't have any fear facing Big Mom.

"Why would a man who will be a crew member of the future Pirate King be afraid of someone like one of the four emperors!!! If you don't take my life, then I'm returning my pledge of loyalty! With that, I quit the Big Mom Pirates! Thank you for your previous assistance!"

An enraged Big Mom orders Zeus and Prometheus on Jinbe, but in the confusion Brook destroys the picture stand.


Source: 2ch

Translation: @Zoro4Prez2016



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Apr - 17:59

Noch eine kleine Info diese Woche ist eine Doppelausgabe und deswegen kommt nächste Woche kein Kapitel.

Super Novae
Super Novae


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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Apr - 22:03

Top chapter!
Ich find es gut, dass Big Moms Fähigkeit, welche sehr OP rüberkommt, begrenzt wurde. Bei Ruffy wird die Fähigkeit zu 0% funktionieren. Lysop, Nami oder Chopper hätten SEHR schlecht Karten gegen die Fähigkeit Very Happy

Katakuris TF gefällt mir erstmal eher nicht so gut.. Aber mal gucken, wenn das Chapter morgen rauskommt, gefällt mir die TF dann vielleicht doch besser.
Brook hat echt alles getoppt. Wie Big Mom wohl darauf reagieren wird, wenn sie sieht, dass er noch lebt und dazu noch Mutter Karamell zerreißt? Very Happy

Ps : was ist denn mit der "Doppelausgabe" genau gemeint?



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 863: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Apr - 23:17


DiamondlegSanji schrieb:

Ps :  was ist denn mit der "Doppelausgabe" genau gemeint?

Gemeint ist dass diese Ausgabe etwas mehr seiten haben wird als normal, aber deutlich weniger als für zwei Ausgaben notwendig wären. Dafür fällt die Ausgabe nächste Woche ganz aus!

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