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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 885: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 885: Spoiler EmptyDo 9 Nov - 10:58

Ahoi hab schon mal nen kurzen Spoiler für euch und eine schlechte Nachricht. Nächste Woche kommt kein neues OP Kapitel Sad

Thanks to Redon from AP forums

- After regaining his composure, Katakuri still has the upper hand against Luffy.
- Luffy thinks he's found an opening against Katakuri's defence, but Gear Fourth runs out.
- Luffy needs to escape from Katakuri for 10 minutes, but he knows Katakuri won't let him.
- Luffy wants to use Brulee's powers to escape, but it looks like she's with Big Mom, so Luffy has to escape on his own.
- All the Cake Ships are attacking at the same time to sink the Straw-Hats, the Firetanks and the Taiyou pirates' ships.
- Sanji and the rest have finished the cream and chocolate parts of the Cake, they begin to finish the Cake on the ship while they sail towards Sunny


beste Grüße Fuchs

ace kun

ace kun

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Hier noch ein kleiner Nachschlag Wink

From Redon from the Spanish forum (google translate)

- Luffy meets Brûlée and comes up with a plan. Luffy makes a face of joy to see her (with a little heart) Brûlée puts face of Enel / Sugar when she sees it.
- Luffy grabs Brûlée uses her powers to escape through a mirror. However both appear on Peanut Island where Big Mom is, so they must flee again.


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