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Ahoi es gibt schon erste Spoiler, also viel Spaß beim diskutieren.

translated By @traffy_kun
Those were confirmed by 2/5ch mod .

(Not sure about the first part)
The cake is complete , oven wants to kill the traitor chiffon .. sanji hurrys up to save chiffon's father , oven's goal is actually to bring out chiffon and take her as a hostage and call beg through denden mushi . Bege appears on ship and starts bombarding oven .

A rabbit kid is worried that it is "full moon today" .

Luffy : I will beat him with all of my power , the 1 billion -bounty- man !

Den_Den_Mushi said:
Alternate translation

The cake is finished, Oven wants to kill the traitor Chiffon
To complete his goals, Sanji decided to let her die
However Chiffon's dad decided to make a quick rescue
Oven realised the one who struck him was not Chiffon's dad
He immediately sniffs out the hiding Chiffon and drags her out
He was going to use her as a hostage and call Bege on the den den mushi
However Bege arrives on his ship and blasts Oven in the face

The children of the rabbit are concerned since it is a full moon
Luffy: I wanna win against him when he's at his full strength! The 1 billion berry man!

YonkouProductions said:
Title: Zish Ish How I Live

Sanji and co start moving the cake to the port. They meet oven outside. Oven lets pudding pass but tackles Chiffon down. Chiffon swears to help make the cake to the end but Oven calls her a traitor and prepares to take her out. Pound tries to rescue Chiffon. Sanji (in disguise) helps chiffon escape while Pound takes the attention. Oven catches up to Chiffon. Oven gets a call from his den-den-mushi telling him that Bege’s ship is heading towards Cacao Island and is being pursued. Oven uses Chiffon as hostage for Bege to dock at the port and surrender. Bege complies. Bege reaches the port and shoots Oven but is surrounded from the sea.

[Sunny’s side] Carrot: I wonder if it’s a full moon tonight

[Luffy’s side] Luffy jumps between the various towns and mirro-world. Luffy tries to figure out how to beat Katakuri. Flashback to Rayleigh saying that Haki’s potential can only be truly released in an extreme battle, by facing stronger enemies, you will also stronger and stronger.

Luffy wonders if he can also see the future a little and announces that he wants to beat Katakuri at full power

[886 End]



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