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Ahoi es gibt endlich die neuen Spoiler, viel Spaß beim diskutieren.

887: Somewhere Someone is wishing for your happiness.

Though he is surrounded Capone doesn’t stop his ship. The Nostra Castello transforms into an amphibious battle caterpillar and kicks around the guys on land.
Bege says to pass him the cake. Sanji lifts the tray with his legs and thins out the signs (?)

Oven tries to stop the ships but is quickly captivated.
Oven heats the southeastern ocean with his DF.
At this rate the temperature of the chocolate will change and the cream will be ruined.
The paddles break under high heat.
But Pound sabotages Oven and the temperature goes down.

Oven is about to finish him
He thinks even if his grandchild won’tknow his name, he’ll still be fiercely loved by his parents. He was happy that Chiffon got married and wanted to congratulate her.

The Sunny is being pursued by BMP on every side

On the other hand Bege’s ship goes into decoration(?)

Yes I know it looks weird but bear with me. I’m trying not to spill soup on my screen. Will fix this up later.

Translation: @Den_Den_Mushi

Den_Den_Mushi said:
So there was at least one typo in the spoilers, it stated that Pound caused Oven to lower the 'workers' songs' 音頭 of the ocean. Now that made no sense so I corrected it to 'temperature' because they have the same pronounciation (on'do). Considering all of this I wouldn't be surprised if there were other mistakes I just didn't pick up on.

Celestial D. Dragon the confusing sentence at the end about Bege's ship going into decoration could mean that Sanji started decorating the cake while on board. The confusing word is 入る which normally means to 'enter' or 'hold' but can also mean to 'join'. So I assume it means they joined the decorating :camthinking:

Also the sentence with Sanji and Bege was confusing but I think I figured it out. Sanji floats (flew) the cake up to Bege and told him to open the doorplate and let him in.



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