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Ahoi es gibt jetzt die ersten kleinen Spoiler. Ich hoffe da kommt später noch mehr, aber mehr sichere Spoiler gibt soweit ich es gesehn hab im Moment nicht. Und wie immer viel Spaß beim diskutieren Smile

Den_Den_Mushi said:
Katakuri: I won't think of you as an inferior anymore.
Luffy: Really? That makes me happy. But I'm still gonna win!

By Traffy_kun
Luffy suffers in agony . Katakuri finaly admited his strength but , he says " he was distracted" and this gets kata disappointed / (in despair?) .
Flampe shoots with the blowpipe again but luffy avoids it by CoO .

Katakuri notices flampe .
She expected to be praised by her elder brother but He said that it is tedious to interfere in "mens match" . He gets enraged and shows his mouth .
Further more to make himself in the same condition as luffy , he staps himself with his 3 forks-spear . And tells flampe : "If you are laughing at straw-hat then you should laugh at me too " .

Flampe is disillusioned by katakuri's riped mouth . She spits her gum on his face and says that she will not admit him as her older brother anymore .

(memories [ " monster " , "pelican eel"] )
He throws a clear smile .
Flampe threaten to spread his mouth-picture all over the country .

Kata apologies to luffy .
L : "there is no thing such as unfaireness in fight between pirates ."I wasn't able to dodge , it is my fault , so take it back" .

Both release their CoC and flampe and everyone else faints out .

Kata removes his shirt (naked upper part of the body) and is in boxing position
Katakuri tells luffy that he is not understimating him .luffy says that he is thankfull and prepares his fists .




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Das liest sich alles großartig. Ruffy hat enorm von dem Kampf profitiert und ist mittlerweile auf einen anderen Niveau. Es scheint, als ginge es jetzt richtig los. Katakuri scheint auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück gekommen zu sein und akzeptiert Ruffy als ebenbürtigen Gegner. Das beweist auch seine Verletzung die er sich selber zufügt um Ruffys Verletzung auszugleichen die durch unfaires Verhalten seiner Schwester Flambe zugefügt wurde. Da wir nun schon Rüstungs- und Vorahnungshaki beider Kämpfer sehen konnten, ist nun Königshaki dran. Generell finde ich es schade, das so viele Piraten das KH beherrschen aber Ruffy sollte hier eigentlich einen Vorteil haben. Bin auf das Kapitel gespannt.



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Zunächst einmal lag ich voll daneben. Aber dafür verspüre ich riesen Respekt vor Katakuri. Ein echter Ehrenmann.

Auch wenn ich irgendwie auf mehr von Ruffy gehofft habe. Ich schätze mal der Kampf dürfte noch ca. 1-3 Chaptern dauern.

Monky D. Garp

Monky D. Garp

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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 893: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 893: Spoiler EmptyDo 1 Feb - 20:41

Wer hat im ersten Moment auch an Dragonball gedacht, Son-Goku vs Tenshinhan? Da passiert ja ähnliches, Son Goku wird da ja von Chao-Zu blockiert. Und Tenshinhan fügt sich hier auch Verletzungen zu um einen gerechten Kampf zu bekommen.
Tenshinhan gewinnt am Ende, verlässt aber seinen alten Meister. Das kann ich mir bei Katakuri zwar nicht vorstellen, aber wer den Kampf gewinnt (und ob's überhaupt nen Gewinner gibt) ist unklar.

Katakuri scheint ein Mann von Ehre zu sein, das passt irgendwie überhaupt nicht zu Big Mom die ja mit allen Mitteln kämpft. Es scheint so dass Whitebeards Werte von allen Yonkou bis auf Shanks nicht geachtet werden.

Übrignes habe ich von Reddit einen etwas größeren Spoiler:

Chapter 893: "Charlotte Family 36th Daughter Flanpe".

Flashback to Rayleigh teaching Luffy to use the Observation Haki saying that it's essentially one's instincts amped up to a higher level. The ability to unconsciously sense things and react to them.

Flampe shoots a paralyzing needle at Luffy but he avoids it. He's fading in and out of consciousness --and every time he's unconscious his instincts or observation haki kicks in and saves him.

The underlings are trying not to be discovered by Katakuri, but Flampe is laughing at Luffy who's in her words "Wobbling around like a newborn deer". Katakuri finds out they're watching because she's dissing Luffy. He gets mad at Flampe. He realised Luffy's movements were weird, but he didn't know why, and upon finding out Flampe is there, he puts two and two together.

He says "As if I'd want a victory where I got help from you all sniping from the sides."

Flampe says she's the cutest and most sensible of Katakuri's little sisters, so she's the only one who truly gets him. But Katakuri stabs himself responds "A MAN'S FIGHT DOESN'T NEED BACKUP! TO LAUGH AT HIM IS THE SAME AS LAUGHING AT ME!"

She sees his mouth and face. They think Katakuri's face is the result of some curse. Flampe doesn't even believe he's her brother anymore and compares him to an eel which is what they used to call Katakuri as a kid. Flampe tells her underlings to take his picture so they can show it to everyone. She's mad he'd do something as disgusting as getting his blood on her.

Katakuri apologizes about the interference, and says a pirate's fight has no place for cowardly stuff like that. Katakuri has the Conquerors Haki and knocks everyone out.

Katakuri: "I won't....think of you as beneath me anymore".

Luffy: For real? Thanks...!! but I'm going to win!

Chapter end.

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