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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler    One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler  EmptyDo 15 März - 12:41

Quick Summary

Title: We'll Definitely Return

Cover: The New Giant Warrior Pirates Navigator, Road (first mentioned in Chapter 866 along with Goldberg)

The Big Mom pirates shoot at the Vinsmokes. The Vinsmokes tell Sanji to take Luffy away from the island. Oven confronts the vinsmokes. Over on Mont-D'ors side, he and Tamago are freaking out. It seems the Vinsmokes took out Nusstorte. Back near the Sunny, Daifuku has arrived on Smoothie's ship. The straw hats receive a call on their den den mushi. The sunny is told to move to a different location. On Cacao, big mom pirate forces are being taken out easily. Sanji is running with Luffy in hand, and Brulee is shown freaking out over the chaos taking place. Germa helps Sanji get off the island. Ichiji attacks Oven. Niji chastises Sanji saying at his speed he's going to get blown full of holes. He then chucks Sanji out towards the Sunny.

No break next week.

From Redon_AP

- Brûlée shouts Katakuri was defeated by Luffy, all Big Mom pirates are shocked (even Mont-D'or).

- Ichiji attack makes a hole in Oven body.

- Nusstorte is 12th son of Charlotte Family.

- Road has a pretty cool desing, is a slim gigant. He's like Cabaji with his hair covering part of his face.

Source: Sakata_Kintoki(Reddit) and Redone(APF)



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler    One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler  EmptyDo 15 März - 23:04

noch was zu später Stunde Smile

Chapter 898: "We will definitely return."

On the cover we have the navigator of the New Pirates Kyohei, Rold (his birth was mentioned in chapter 866). He is a thin giant, with a thin body (except the upper torso) and looks a bit like Cabaji, with his mane covering part of his face.

The Big Mom Pirates shoot the Germa but they are surprised because the bullets do not do anything to them despite hitting their bodies. Ichiji, Niji, Yonji and Reiju cover Sanji while he escapes. Oven wonders how the Germa managed to survive if he had heard in a report that Nusstorte and his subordinates had defeated them a few hours ago.

Tamago wonders why these unimaginable things are happening and also wonders why there was a false report about Germa's defeat. Mont D'Or is crazy. We also see Nusstorte defeated and confirm that he is the 12th child of the Charlotte Family.

Despite the commotion on the island, Smoothie tells his fleet not to be distracted and to focus only on the Straw Hat boat. Daifuku, who is also on Smoothie's boat, says that they have been smarter than Mont D'Or and that they have won the game. Smoothie replies that they have also been smarter than him XD.

Nami wonders if Germa's arrival is something good or bad for them. Sanji contacts Jinbe via Den Den Mushi and tells him to pass through the port at full speed, that they (Luffy and him) will go there in the meantime.

Brûlée says that Luffy must not escape and reveals to everyone crying, that Katakuri has been defeated by Luffy Straw Hat. All the members of the Big Mom band who listen to Brûlée are left in shock (even Mont D'Or who listens to him for Den Den Mushi).

Oven: "Your legend of undefeated man has been ... destroyed by a boy !!?"

Some subordinates of the Big Mom band believe that Luffy must have used some trick. Oven, enraged, launches for Sanji and Luffy. Ichiji appears and hits Oven and other members of the Big Mom band with the attack "Sparkling Valkyrie." The attack pierces Oven's body.

Sanji has jumped to avoid the attack of Ichiji but when he is in the sky Yuen appears again and tries to attack him with his cane as in the last chapter. However the cane breaks, it has been Yonji, who has extended his glove and has destroyed it. Then grab Yuen by the head and use it as a whip to defeat several enemies, and even to destroy a house. The attack is called "Winch Execution".

Sanji does not go as fast as he wants and is attacked with a bazooka. Niji appears at full speed and takes it to dodge the missile, tells him that it is very slow. He then draws his sword and uses the "Henry Blazer" attack to defeat more enemies that come his way.

Niji throws Sanji and Luffy off the island. Oven orders Snack, Brownie and Joconde to shoot Luffy from the ships but, the chaos is so great, they do not hear the order and they do not. Some subordinates of the band prepare tear gas to shoot Sanji but Reiju appears and defeats them using the "Pink Hornet" attack.

Carrot sees Sanji and Luffy with the binoculars and informs the rest.

Sanji: "I can see it now, Luffy !! It's Sunny!"



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler    One Piece Manga 898: Spoiler  EmptyDo 15 März - 23:09

also sieht es danach aus das Sanji Daifuku als gegner bekommen könnte, das Jahr von Sanji und kein gegner für ihn würde echt nach einer Blamage aussehen (wieviel muss der Junge den eigentlich noch leiden in manchen spoilern steht sogar das der arme angeschossen wurde) er sollte einen starken gegner bekommen (da kommt Daifuku mir recht gut ins Spiel) der küftige Piraten König sollte doch wirklich starke kmpfer in seinen reihen haben Er selbst Zorro Sanji und Jimbei die auch mit einen Kaiser mindestens auch mal paar stunden mithalten sollten, sollten die wegsegeln ohne Sanji einen kampf zugeben wären dann wirklich die töpfe am überkochen (das Jahr des Sanjis ohne ein Kampf für ihn was sollte dann der ganze mist dann mit seinem Jahr) es spricht net der Sanji fanboy aber sind wir mal ehrlich er war und muss Stark sein. Ruffy: ohne ihn kann er net Piratenkönig werden.

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