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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 902: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 902: Spoiler EmptyDo 19 Apr - 7:22

Quick Summary
- Thousand Sunny managed to escape from Big Mom pirates.
- Sanji seems to be lost in thought to hear about Pedoro' s death.
- Jinbe is still fighting Big Mom pirates.
- Actually Pudding kissed Sanji when she left him. She erased his memory about kissing her. Pudding is now shedding tears alone.
- Germa 66 retreated.
- Fully recovered Big Mom appears in front of Jinbe and Co.
- Big Mom asks, "Life or Dead".
- Luffy and Co. are eating food cooked by Sanji on the ship.
- Snack doesn't appear in this chapter.
- Baratie is focused a bit near the end of this chapter. Zeff is cooking food for someone despite other cooks claiming they should kick the enemy out.
- Just when Zeff brings a plate for the enemy, Sanji brings a plate for Straw Hats in sync.
- Whole Cake Island arc has come to an end now. The cover page of next Jump will be about new arc.

source: 5ch
Translated By: Sandman_AP



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 902: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 902: Spoiler EmptyDo 19 Apr - 9:29

upgraden wir mal die spoiler^^

From Redon

- Title "END ROLL".
- On the cover of the Jump we have all the protagonists of their series dressed in outfits from other series. For example, Luffy is dressed in the Izuku Midoriya costume of Boku no Hero Academy.
- At the beginning of the chapter we see how Sanji remembers his first encounter with Peter, when he asks him to save his people (when Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are crucified and so on).
- After this little flashback we see Sanji looking at the horizon, pensive and depressed by Pedro's death.
- Carrot arrives and tries to cheer him up. She smiles and pat him on the head but in the end she breaks down crying and it's Sanji who has to cheer her up.
- We see how Chopper heals Luffy from his wounds when they finally escape from their pursuers.
- We went to Pudding, which is still in the alley. Remember briefly everything that has happened in the last days.
- Finally we get to the kiss scene, Oda the account as if it were a roll of film.
- Pudding takes Sanji's cigarette, hugs him and kisses him (we do not see the kiss but it is clear).
- While Sanji hallucinates and his eyes turn to hearts, Pudding tears that piece of memory from his head with tears in his eyes and then leaves.
- Already in the present we see Pudding crying inconsolably with that piece of memory of Sanji in his hands.
- On Cocoa Island, the Germa 66 gives the order to withdraw.
- We go to the Mirroworld, someone takes the hat from Katakuri's face and he wakes up. It has been Brulée.
- Although Katakuri feels a bit of embarrassment for her face, she does not seem to care.
- We see a little flashback of their childhood. First we see Katakuri eating like a glutton next to Perospero, Oven and Daifuku.
- Then we see a scene where someone cut the face of Brulée small causing the scar on her face. Katakuri angered and ended with those who damaged his sister, since then cover his face with the scarf.
- Already in the present, we see how Brulée heals his brother while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.
- Big Mom arrives at Isla Cacao, the whole family is exultant. The Germa has not managed to flee yet.
- In front of Jinbe, Aladding, Judge, Ichiji, Niji, Reiju ... Big Mom says "Live or Death" ...
- We went to Sunny what seems to be a time later. We see Luffy, Chopper, Brook and Carrot very happy waiting for Sanji's food.
- At the same time in the new Baratie, some pirates impatiently wait for Zeff's food despite the fact that the rest of the chefs do not want to feed them.
- In the Sunny everyone is at the table waiting for Sanji's food.
- On a beautiful final page we see Sanji and Zeff delivering the food at the same time.

hat schon traurigen beigeschmack...schöner cliffhänger mit bigmom vll

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