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Quick Summary

The medicine is working and Tama is recovering.
Kiku is treating Zoro’s wounds. Kiku uses the word “sessha” instead of I and she’s almost 3 meters tall. Tsuru wants to Tama to eat “Shiruko” but as she doesn’t have any money, Tama refuses to eat it.
Then Tsuru says, if Tama isn’t going to eat it then she will throw it away. After Tama eats the Shiruko, she cries because it’s so delicious.

20 years ago, the Kozuki clan was living in the Oden castle and were ruling the Wano kingdom. The now deceased Oden created a huge plantation and provided everyone in Kuri delicious food.
The plantation now belong to Orochi, and Tsuru and the rest purchase the rotten ingredients from them. After Tsuru reveals the internal circumstances of Wano, someone aims an arrow at Tsuru.
Zoro blocks the arrow with his katana. The one who shot the arrow is one of the Gifters who has eaten the bat SMILE and became a batman.
He’s using the wings of a bat and is flying. His hearing is 6 times greater than an average human, so he wanted to kill Tsuru who insulted the Shogun.
One arrow after another is aimed at Tsuru, but Zoro blocks all of them. As they were distracted by the batman, another gifter who has eaten the Gazelle SMILE abducts Tama . And in order to rescue Tama, Kiku takes a katana with her and follows the gazelleman. Luffy and Zoro go with her.
The gazelleman is heading to the official’s town and Hawkins, Holdem, and Speed as well as 30 other SMILE users are waiting. Luffy asks who exactly Kiku is, and she answers, “I (sessha) am a Samurai!”. After Law hears from Bepo that Luffy and the rest are heading to the official’s town, he says “Hey wait! That’s nothing but trouble! We’ve to stop these idiots!”


Thanks to Bakadata for translation.
Source: 5ch


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