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Guten Morgen,

einmal die Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

One Piece Chapter 950: " The dreams of the soldiers"

Cover: Chiffon wants to see Lola again

In Udon Prison

Luffy invites Kid to fight together, but Kid had enough about this alliance thing and rejects him.

Kid aims to take back all of his crewmates, and he brings Killer with him.

After learning that Luffy’s a pirate, the prisoners begin to have doubts.

They are also skeptical about the Red Scabbards coming from the past.

But they accept all of this after seeing that Momo is safe.

In Kuri

Shutenmaru told Kin’emon that they didn’t believe that Kin’emon and the others will return after 20 years.

So 10 years ago, they couldn’t wait any longer and attacked Onigashima, after showing Kin’emon the graves of those who died in that rebellion, they decided to attack Onigashima 8 days later with those who’re ready.

Deep inside the forest, Zoro managed to defeat the Ninja squad.

He decide that he’ll take back Shusui before the final battle, and ask Hiyori to bring him to the Bandit’s bridge in Ringo.

Zoro hint that he wants to take down Orochi in order to avenge Tonoyasu.

But Hiyori reveals that she wants to kill Orochi with her own hands.

In the Flower Capital

Hawkins has captured Law, and they told him to spill all of their plans, to which Law answers with a fearless smile.

Chapter End


MfG Embodiment

Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones
Hordy Jones

Hordy Jones

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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 950 Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 950 Spoiler  EmptyDo 25 Jul - 22:44

Auf den Bildern kann man auch zwei Dinge sehen, die nicht im Spoilertext stehen: Drake ist auch zu sehen und Kid hat seinen Metallarm wieder.


Weitere Bilder:




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