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Guten Morgen,
einmal wieder der Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Quick Summary
From @Vegapank
cover page :bage esplains the map to vito
the chapter is about kawamatsu

More spoilers:
-flashback about kawamtsu and small story about rescuing the fox
-some scene between zoro and the monl
-the fox appeared in a cover page with nami

From Redon.
- Full chapter is about Kawamatsu and Gyuukimaru flashback, 13 years ago.
- Gyuukimaru identity revealed.
- Big cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, it seems it's related with katanas.

From @EtenBoby
953 One time fox

Hiyori is willing to give Zoro meito “Enma”, which was once used by Oden. “Enma” is a legendary sword that left a scar on Kaido and the only one that was able to do so.


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