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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 959: Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 959: Spoiler   EmptyDo 17 Okt - 12:05


One Piece Chapter 959 Title : " Samurai "

In the cover, Bege and Chiffon are in Dressrosa. The country is scarred by battle.

- Starts with flashbacks -

Hitetsu gave the SH the armors. Zoro declined
Franky ordering people to fix the boats. Usopp says to meet up and ride the Sunny to the promised port
Holdem is investigating stolen foods from the farms
O-Tsuru realizes that Kinemon and co. must've gathered enough people and needs food, so they stole the food
She tries to distract Holdem, but the villagers took the blame upon themselves
Robin found out that Orochi said "The entrance to the onigashima is winter"
Nami, Carrot and the Minks discuss on setting the date to a full moon to make use of Sulong
Luffy is worried about Jinbe, and wonders if he escaped, if he is safe, and if he will arrive at Wano in time
The Beast Pirates bombed the Sunny's hiding spot, all the ships, and the major bridges linking the locations
Orochi has all the information on the 4000 people and the plan

- End of flashback -

Kin'emon and co. decide to carry out the plan anyway

- Starts of Oden flashback -

The Wano closing its borders has to do with Kozuki Family
Also said that when something world shaking happens, Wano will reopen its borders



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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 959: Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 959: Spoiler   EmptyDo 17 Okt - 17:14

Wenn ich die Spoiler sehe, frage ich mich immer wieder, warum ich solche wilden Theorien aufstelle (bzgl. des Verschwindens der Strohhüte z.B.). Ich denke bei Oda müssen wir in Zukunft nur noch ganz einfach denken. Das aber Holdem immernoch an das "geklaute" Essen der Strohhüte denkt, ist schon witzig. Als ob dass das größte Problem wäre. Very Happy Für mich sieht es daher so aus, dass nur Orochi bzw. seine engsten Vertrauten davon wissen, was die Strohhüte samt ihre Allianz vorhaben.


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