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Guten morgen,

einmal die Spoiler zum kommenden One Piece Kapteil 963.

One Piece 963 Spoilers Full summary

-Hundreds of years ago, the Mink tribe and the Kozuki family made an appointment. If one of them experiences hardship, they must help each other.

-Inu and Neko are interested in this ancient story, so they go to the sea, and then stranded in Wano.

-They are treated as monsters along with Kawamatsu being bullied, and finally helped by Oden.

-Kawamatsu was stranded to Wano with his mother because his ship sank.

-Kawamatsu is a Fishman, he remembered the words of his deceased mother that Fishman was discriminated against, so to survive he claimed to be a Kappa

-Oden was interested in the Whitebeard Pirates, who soon came to Kuri with a damaged ship that would take a week to repair. The purpose of Oden was to get on a white beards ship.

-Oden heard that his father had fallen ill, so he went to visit him. Sukiyaki was surprised when he saw his son who had grown rapidly. However, this was their last talk and meeting.

Spoiler Image 01 : Inu, Neko and Kawamatsu are being executed

Spoiler Image 02 : Whitebeard Pirates arrive on Wano

Spoiler Image 03 : Whitebeard and Oden clashed

Spoiler Image 04 : Full image of Young Whitebeard




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