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Guten Morgen und frohe Weihnachten (ein bisschen zu spät, ich weiß):
Hier einmal die Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel, auch wenn ich dachte, dass dieses Jahr kein Kapitel mehr erscheint:

From Sandman (Brief summary)

The chapter title is "Roger's Adventure".

Roger starts searching for Poneglyph. He has a conversation with Tom in Water 7. Roger visits Fishman Island and deciphers Poneglyph in Sea Woods. It turns out to be an apology from Joy Boy as stated in FI arc.

They also visit Wano, but they stay for only several hours. The family crest of Kouzuki is found on the last Road Poneglyph.

When they are about to set sail to the final island, Buggy has a high fever. Shanks takes care of him. (Probably it means neither of them reached Laugh Tale.) Roger succeeds in sailing around the world that nobody has ever achieved.

He laughs in front of the vast amount of treasures and says he wants to have been born in the same era as Joy Boy lived. Roger calls the final island "Laugh Tale.


Oden writing his log book:

Translation-【—That day, we learned everything about the world—】 【The “Void Century” is......!! The “Clan of D” is......!! The Ancient Weapons are......!!】 【Wano Country was once connected to the world】 【When he was standing in front of the “Vast Amount of Treasures” that really that moment, Roger......】 【laughed】 【We laughed as well, to the point of tears coming out of our eyes】

Final page , Roger laughing and laugh tale:

Translation- Roger: Joy Boy, I......!! Really wants to have been born in the same era as you. (You?) Left behind such a unbelievable treasure...!!! What a funny story!! —Hey, everyone. How about we name the “Last Island” that no one arrive at in the last 800 years with this? “Laugh Tale”

Roger meeting Tom AND FRANKY (This is so wholesome also WTF FRANKY):

Oden observes Tequila Wolf:

Roger and a younger Neptune in Fishman Island:

Oden leaving the scabbards again for his final journey:

Oden at Zou:

Roger pirates interacting at Fishman island:


Es hört sich nach einem sehr interessanten und sehr storylastigem Kapitel an Smile


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