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Guten Morgen und ein frohes neues Jahr,

hier sind die ersten Spoiler des neues Jahres: Smile

Roger talking to Rayleigh:

- Looks like we were too early
- I wonder who will find the One Piece next?
- My son, of course!
- You don't have one
- It's not too late to make one yet!

Spoiler Image 01 : Roger and Shyarly


One Piece Chapter 968 Title : "Oden's return"

"People called all the treasures Roger obtained thus far as ONE PIECE"

Edit 2:

More Spoilers :

After Orochi trying to convince Oden

Oden : I will cut you first and then I will think

Orochi : Yeah this guy is lunatic

Orochi : "Wait, Oden-sa... Oden! Think about it well, if you cut me, Kaido won't stay slient."

At the end of the chapter

- Kaido’s silhouette appeared

Spoiler Image 02 : Shanks crying

Spoiler Image 03 : Oden with ugly tears

Spoiler Image 04 : Roger Pirates waiving goodbye to Oden

Spoiler Image 05 : Lady Toki in tears

Spoiler Image 06 : Angry Oden about to attack Orochi




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