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Guten Morgen,

wie üblich die neusten Spoiler:

-It seems Orochi jails Oden and the old woman takes the place of Oden

-1 year after Oden's attack he discovered in a newspaper Orochi give to him, Roger's death

-1 year after that, Gecko Pirates and Beast Pirates fight. Moria steal Ryuma's body and Shusui

-3 years after that, Orochi kills Hyogoro's wife and their 16 children

-Oden decides he will stop Orochi and Kaido with his servants

-Oden was laughing but crying at the same time when he knew Roger's execution through newspaper.

No break next week

Spoiler Images

Spoiler Image 01 : An impostor Oden dancing on the streets:

Spoiler Image 02 : Orochi got saved by a user of Barrier fruit

Spoiler Image 03 : Oden read a news paper about the death of Hyogoro's 16 children and his wife

Spoiler Image 04 : Kaido and Moriah




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