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Guten Morgen zusammen,

wie üblich die ersten Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Chapter 971: "Condemned to boil".

In the cover, Gotti cross the city to save Chiffon.

-Oden is still alive in the chapter.

More Spoilers

-Shinobu is very angry and revealing the secret behind Oden’s naked dance

-Orochi complains about what they did to his grandfather

-Others wanted to pursue justice and kill Kurozumi family

-Oden cooperated with Orochi. The whole plot reveal in this chapter.

-King appears in this chapter also.

Edit 2:
-Execution day. In Oden castle

-Oden said " I want another chance, I need to be alive." seems there boiled oil.

-Oden asked kaido to let him live, and to give him a chance

From 5ch

-Oden ask Kaido: I want a chance, I can’t die yet

-Nothing on the traitor

-Him dancing naked was to save the people that was captured when he got into the Orochi castle

-The deal was he can save 100 lives per dance

-Oden said if he can endure the boiling for the time they decided, then they have to let those who are still alive go

-Kaido: we’ll see if you endured it for 60 min

-Oden got in, the others tried to follow him but Oden stopped them.

-Then the execution starts, with Oden holding onto the platform the others are staying on.(only about 5 min pasts, continues next week)

Pic #1 :

Oden(probably): Once the ship I am making completes... after 5 years I will ship out of this country, believe this promise between the 2 of us.

Pic #2 :

"I may lose so many things, but I can save 100 people with my dancing!!"

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