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Guten Morgen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel.

Title: Kinemon's smart trick

In the cover, Gotti saved Lola and she kisses him. -Redon

Brief summary-

It took a bit of time and effort to fix the Sunny, but Luffy and co. come rushing in.

Luffy, Law and Kid go ham and chaos ensues. In the midst of all this chaos, Kyoshiro appears and reveals that he is Denjiro. By gaining the trust of his underlings and Orochi, he's come as aid together with the samurai that have been released from jail.

Also the military forces that were thought to have sunk are all safe and it seems only the ships that were not needed were destroyed. The reason for this was because Denjiro thought that Kinemon purposely misread Yasu's picture puzzle as he (Kinemon) guessed that there was spy/informant amongst them, but it seems Kinemon was simply just mistaken.

Pics -

1)Denjiro reveals himself

2)Kinemon in the last panel

3)Supernova trio in action

4)The scabbards recognize Denjiro

5)Shinobu immobilized by snakes

Translation of pics- (In the same order of the pics I posted above)


Denjiro:—but Kin-san, you’re indeed a smart man!! Lord Yasuie’s drawing is telling us to put 2 lines on the belly of the viper that represents Habu Port. These 2 lines means to erase the belly of the viper, in order words, “erase the words”!! You only told everyone about “two lines” because anyone who heard would’ve known that it means to erase the middle words of “ha bu mi na to”(Habu Port), which leaves us with hato(seawall). —But, noticing that Orochi’s spy is near by, you purposely told those who are close the wrong answer: Tokage Port!! And the spy would just pass that information on to Orochi!!

Kanjuro: Huh?!!


Denjiro: Kin-san!! As expected of our leader!! As I thought, you’re a man worthy of respect!! Kin’emon: ......yeah

Kanjuro: (This is bad!! I couldn’t stop anything!! Damn you Kin’emon!!)

Kin’emon: (so you’re supposed to read it as Hato[seawall], not Tokage!!!)


page 1 ??: Gyaaaaa ??: Those captains are bad news!! ??

: What... (text is broken here) ??: Shoot them to death--!!!

page 2: Kid: Punk load!!! Luffy: Bound Man!!! Law: Room!!!

page 3: Beast pirates?: There are only 3 pirate ships coming in to save the samurai!? Beast pirates?: Moreover, they're the ones the were already caught in Wano Kuni before.

Beast pirates: In yonkou Kaido's name, sink them all! Beast pirates: Prepare the cannonfire!!!

Luffy: How many subordinates are there?

Luffy: They're underestimating us. Everyone get back (Not so sure about this line here)

Law: Idiot, you get the hell back!!! Kid: Both of you are in my way!!!

Luffy: Hey, I said not to come, I can finish this in one blow

Kid: Don’t make it sound like I couldn’t finish it with a one blow

Law: You two are the losers here

Kid & Luffy: WHAT!?


Kyoushiro: At the time it was understood/concluded that it was simply master Oden acting rashly but that's not the case. In actuality it was an incident that was started/caused by you who was young and greedy at the time.

Kinemon: Kin-san? Kinemon: Huh?! There's only one person that could possibly know that!!! Flashback -> Kinemon: This is bad! Because of me the capital will be...!!!

Kinemon: You...!!! Are you Denjiro by any chance? Scabbards: Huh?!!! Kyoushiro: That is correct!!! I'm sure you mistook me for someone else....

Denjiro: I wanted to reveal my identity to you guys as soon as I could but I thought of the worst case scenario and continued to stay/exist as the enemy. Momonosuke: Denjiro?!

Denjiro: Just as I thought, if I revealed myself at the time, my identity would have been revealed to the spy/informant and I would've be disposed by Orochi.


Oda commented on the global epidemic of Coronavirus and hopes that everyone will be safe. (Author comment from Jump issue)




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