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Guten Morgen,

einmal wieder die neusten Spoiler.

One Piece Chapter 976 Title : "We will uphold our duty"

-In the Color Spread "The Tontattas' Tribe helps Mugiwara Crew makes shoes", request by Honey Licker.

-Jinbei is officially introduced as "Strawhat Pirates' Helmsman"

All of the 9 scabbards with the exception of Denjiro are able tell that Kinemon legitimately thought that the meeting port was "Tokage" so they ask Kinemon to spill the beans, saying they won't get angry as everything ended up alright in the end. Kinemon then acknowledges his goof and says that he's probably used up all of his luck in life so he just might die here as a result. The other red scabbards then reply to Kinemon saying that it wasn't only him, and that all of them also used up their luck, so if he dies, they all die together.

Kanjuro says that for now what he must do is find and kill Hiyori if she somehow happens to still be alive and then escapes kidnapping Momo.

Momonsuke sees the Samurai in a panic trying to save him but kills his urge to ask for help because that is exactly what the enemy wants and then says he will find someway to escape somehow and then take both Kaidou and Orochi's heads himself.

Luffy however sees through Momo's ruse and then tells him that they are friends, so he'd definitely save him so he should try to survive somehow.

The enemy's battleship retreats to a reasonable distance away from the SHs and then use the long range canons they prepared to shoot them down but Jinbe's spear wave attack opens up a hole in the enemy's battleship and renders their long range cannon useless. Jinbe has returned back to the SHs as their helmsman~!


WSJ issue cover : Luffy, Roger, and Oden celebrating with glasses of beer

Colour Spread : The Tontattas' Tribe helps Strawhat Pirates make shoes

Spoiler Image 01 : Jinbei is alive and back

Spoiler Image 01 Translation

Jinbe: Luffy!! As promised I have returned to you alive!!!

Jinbe: I’m glad I’ve made it in time for the battle!!

“Straw Hat” Helmsman Knight of the Sea Jinbe.

Bounty : 438 Million Belli

Luffy: Jinbe!!

???: Jinbe!!

???: Boss!!!

More to come. Will keep you updated


Jinbei ist wieder da, wuhu Smile



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