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Guten Morgen,

diesmal mit ein paar Stunden Verspätung wieder die aktuellen Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

From Redon

One Piece Chapter 977 Title : “ The party is over!!! ”

In the cover, Chiffon and Lola are reunited!

Spoiler Image 01 : Kaido talks about his son and Queen dancing

Spoiler Image 02 : XDrake and the rest of flying six have arrived

More Spoilers

Straw Hats try to start a "party" to celebrate Jinbe joining the crew, but Luffy insists that they should hold a party only after they defeat Yonko

Edit - More Spoiler

-Jinbe joins the SHs

-Kyoushiro asks Kin about the battle plans/strategy for the raid

-Before they realize it, the SHs ship is out of sight

-From far away there is an explosion

-"Dang it! I forgot to tell them that the Tori gate at the entrance is dangerous" says Kyoushiro

-However the gatekeepers at the Tori gate have all been wiped out

-The SHs look for the Sake barrel in order to make a toast to Jinbe joining

-But they see the Samurai on the sea around them and then decide to have a massive banquet/feast with everyone instead and put the toast for Jinbe on hold

-After that is image spoilers. Then we switch Kaidou's side. (Not sure if he/she's saying the image spoilers are about Kaidou's side but anyways, we get some information on Kaidou' side)

Spoiler Image 01 Translation

Kaido: Hicc~~ What’s that guy doing

?: what?

Kaido: I’m talking about my son!! He should at least show his face!! It’s a banquet!!!

?:we’ll search for him immediately

Kaido?: Yeah, we’ll have him meet Linlin...

?:Big Mom is currently changing into kimono...!!

Spoiler Image 02 Translation

The Flying Six have arrived!!!

More to come. Will keep you updated.

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