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Guten Tag zusammen,

einmal ein paar 'vorab' Spoiler wie es beschrieben ist.

-Bitte mit Vorsicht genießen-

Edit 2:

Note- A lot of unconfirmed spoilers floating around for this chapter, I'll only post the ones verified by Redon/Sandman in the time being to avoid confusion.

Brief Summary-

- Strawhats and Kidd Pirates start infiltrating Kaidos Mansion
- Once the Flying Six manage to find Kaidos son, they get the chance to challenge the calamities.
- The challenge is supposed to be demonstrated in front of Big Mom. That is the reason why Kaido
gathered them to meet big mom.
- Kaido wants to show strength of flying six to big mom
- If one of Flying Six win against the calamities, they can replace the respective All-Star
- We see Big Mom in her Kimono as she joins Kaido on the festival
- The numbers have a gift prepared for Kaido (it is stated that its something important)
- Kanjuro is flying towards Hiyori instead of Onigashima

- Korean blog that originally posted the spoilers has confirmed KAIDO'S SON IS NOT REVEALED THIS CHAPTER, but his name is mentioned, supposedly "Yamato"


A few points mentioned in the website about the chapter-

- Kanjuro is said to have never been to Onigashima

- King's dialogue in the scan-

King: Even if I summoned you all to gather, there are some of you who wouldn't heed my call.

King: Who's Who, Sasaki

Sasaki: Well that's true

King: All of you ex pirate captains are gunning for our "All Star" seats (note: text is cut off but I'm guessing he's saying something like this)

About King, he believes that Who's Who and Sasaki would not have come to the party in Onigashima if King himself had summoned them.

It is because both of them used to be captains of other pirates and they plannned to take the position of All-Stars (大看板) - Sandman

Bild: Early Scans

Edit: Quelle vergessen:
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