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Guten Tag,

einmal etwas verfrühte Spoiler:

From Redon on APforums


Chapter tittle is “Tatakau Music” (Fighting Music) the attack that Apoo used with Kizaru in Sabaody.

Chapter has 17 pages including 1 cover page and 1 double spread. The first 8 pages are dedicated to Luffy & Zoro fighting the beast pirates fodder

- Lola asks Gotti to marry her in the cover page

- Luffy starts rampaging.

- Zoro is about to try and calm Luffy down, but he gets furious too when he discovers the oshiruko.

- Apoo sees Luffy and reports to Queen.

- Queen wants to eliminate one member of the Tobiroppo, so he says he will give that empty chair in Tobiroppo to the one that catches Luffy and Zoro.

- There is a Wolf Smile user, he's like Holdem with a wolf in the abdomen.

- Zoro cuts a tower in half with a lot of Beast Pirates in it

- There are a lot of new Smile users, like a gorilla, a giraffe or a mantis .

- Apoo hits Luffy in the face with a sonic wave, then he cuts Zoro and finally he sends a explosion toLuffy.

- Luffy and Zoro lose Kinemon's costumes

- Kid and Killer see all the chaos. Kid decides he will go for Apoo, Killer try to stop him.

- Kid goes after Apoo, he wants to kill that traitor.

-Luffy is totally OK at the end of the chapter. Zoro gots the cut becouse he can’t see or predict Apoo attack.

-Kidd attacks Apoo

- Punk Gibson is the name of Kid's attack that he used against Apoo

About Apoo's attack, it's the same he used with Kizaru but with an extra attack. Full attack name is "Tatakau Music: Scratch, Bon, Shaan, Doon". The first attack is new, it's "Bon" (殴 punch kanji). Apoo sends a sound wave like a punch to Luffy's face. Then he uses "Shaan" (斬) to cut Zoro and finally "Doon" (爆) to send a sound wave that cause an explosion near Luffy. The same he did in Sabaody with Kizaru. (By Redon)

Queen panel - [ "There's a bastard I want to get rid of right now, one of the Flying 6! I'll clear out a seat!"]

More to come...

Edit: Quelle vergessen

Edit 2: Mehr Spoiler...bzw das ganze Kapitel wurde wohl übersetzt. Ich werde aber keine Bilder aus der Quelle posten, da dies wohl gegen das Copyright verstoßen würde.




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