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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 985: Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 985: Spoiler   EmptyMi 15 Jul - 7:12


Guten Morgen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler. Achtung, diese sind nicht zu 100% bestätigt:

Source : TalkOP.

Here is some translation for dialogue on WorstGen :

Title : New Onigashima Island Project.

  • Kaido kills/attacks Orochi.

  • Kaido's plan doesn't include Orochi, and since the start he's useless.

  • Kaido wants to start the greatest war this world has ever seen, to destroy the actual peace, and make Yamato into the leader of a new Wano.

  • This new country will be used to stage a war against the entire world.

  • The purpose of the alliance with Big Mom is the get all the ancient weapons and the One Piece

Other spoilers (They might not be 100% accurate) :

  • Kanjuro intercept the other scabbards, knowing they would come and talks about Momonosuke. It seems like Kanjuro was stabbed by Momonosuke while he tried to escape, resulting in Kanjuro beating Momo up.

  • The scabbards then go on a bridge that is 2 huge swords.

  • Yamato heard informations about Ace (not sure for that one), and wanted to leave Wano on Ace's ship.

  • Yamato handcuff are exploding handcuff, and they got them when they were 8 years old. Yamato doesn't want to believe a parent could do that to their child, but Kaido is also the type that would do just that.

  • Luffy mentions he can remove those cuff. Then Yamato declare they would kick Kaido's ass for that, and as a payback for every beating they received before.

  • Luffy removes those handcuff and Yamato is free after 20 years. (So Yamato should be 28).

  • The Marine HQ disbanded the Warlords since they could now take on a Yonko without worry thanks to their new weapon.

  • But there is no problems since 2 Yonko got into an alliance together.

  • Big Mom and Kaido will find the Ancient Weapons and bring horror and war to this world. They will also go find the One Piece.

  • Wano is a natural fortress. Kaido wants to increase the factories and enslave the population of Wano by force. He wants to turn Wano into a Lawless zone. Orochi's samurai can choose to join now or become slaves.

  • Onigashima will transfer to the Flower Capital this night. The Shogun will be Yamato.

Lastly, those spoilers took a long time to be confirmed by trusted source, so please notify me if there are fake information or anything similar. Please also tell me when there is new information available.

There is a break next week, not from Oda, but from the Weekly Shonen Jump due to the original date of the Olympics.

Quelle: Klick mich

Edit: Spoiler aktualisiert.

Dies scheint ein interessantes Kapitel zu werden Smile

Ich werde den Thread aktualisieren, sofern noch notwendig.




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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Kapitel 985: Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 985: Spoiler   EmptyMi 15 Jul - 14:49

Meine Fresse! Danke @embodiment

Seit langem für mich die krassesten Spoiler :O , Kaido entledigt sich plötzlich Orochi Very Happy Very Happy ER will Yamato als Shogun (?!) und Ruffy kann ihr als erste die Kill Handschellen abnehmen? :O :yes:

Ich freu mich aufs Kapitel


Schnellantwort auf: One Piece Kapitel 985: Spoiler

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