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Guten Tag,

hier die Spoiler für das kommende Kapitel.
Die sind etwas verfrüht, scheinen aber bestätigt zu sein.

Source (Confirmed by Redon on AP too)

Chapter is titled- "Wano Kuni's dream"

Cover page- Lola gets married to Gotti

-Something happens at the end of the chapter, Izo is shocked/angry.

-Yakuza forces begin to fall against the forces of Kaido

EDIT: Spoiler upgedatet:

    Thanks to Redon from Arlong Park Forums :
  • People in the Flower Capital are enjoying the festival and they hope that the Kozuki samurai will save Wanokuni.

  • The bullets that Queen fires are called "Bingu" (or something like that).

  • From what is seen in the picture, Bao Fang's power allows her to see through the eye on the paper that the cat is carrying in the head and discovers Yamato chasing Momonosuke and Shinobu, and she informs King.

  • King orders Tobiroppo to bring him Momonosuke's head, Sasaki finds them. Sasaki's subordinates shoot Shinobu but Yamato stops them.

  • Kaidou gets up after the attack, says he has seen Oden's shadow behind the Red Scabbards. But he says that they are not as powerful as Oden since it was impossible for him to heal from the wound he made.

  • Kaidou cuts off Kiku's arm and it flies off

Snippet of the final page

Looks like we'll only get more updates tomorrow


Quelle: Reddit

Ich werde den Thread natürlich updaten.



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