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Guten Tag,

einmal wie üblich die neusten Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Korean source
Chapter title- "Devil's child"

Brief summary-

  • Black Maria urges Sanji to call Robin.

  • Those who have the paper with the drawn eye can share images and sounds.

  • Sanji is defeated by Black Maria as he does nothing to defend himself.

  • It seems that he has defeated the male subordinates, but not the women.

  • Sanji: "Save me Robin! I'm on the 3rd floor! I'm a prisoner!"

  • We see the reaction of several characters to Sanji's call thanks to those who have the paper with the eye

  • Nami laments the situation saying that her rival is a woman.

  • Robin attacks Black Maria with a gigantic hand.

  • Brook rescues Sanji by freezing Black Maria's web.

  • Robin: "Thanks for trusting me, Sanji!"

  • The animals that have the paper with the drawn eye are Kaidou's spies, but they are not real animals,they are cyborgs.

  • Kaidou's subordinates discover Yamato.

  • Jack is going to kill the Red scabbards

  • Black Maria Vs. Robin and Brook at the end of the chap




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