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Guten Tag zusammen,

kurz nach Release der Spoiler auf auch hier:

Korean source

Brief summary thanks to Redon-

Title- "Heliceratops"

  • Sanji Vs. Queen at the beginning of the chapter, we also see Zoro who's been given the recovery injection

  • Luffy seems to wake up in the Heart Pirates submarine and yells "Nikuuuuu~~~ !!!" (Meat)

  • Franky Vs. Sasaki. The title of the chapter is an attack by Sasaki.

  • Franky wants Queen's tech for himself, he is thrown high by one of Sasanki's attack (maybe the one after which the chapter is titled)

  • The great part of the chapter is the combat between them and it seems that the duel is decided.

  • The final part is Kaidou Vs. Yamato, where we see their (Yamato's) hybrid form. I (the provider) don't know what their DF is yet

  • Kaidou says he had a hard time getting the DF that Yamato ate.

  • Yamato ate it (because they were hungry) even though Kaidou hadn't thought of giving it to them.



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