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Hallo zusammen,

wie üblich die neusten Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

From TalkOP- (Source) and confirmed by Redon


Title- " Image of the Double Dragon " (It's related with Koizumi Junsaku's "Twin Dragons" in Kennin-ji temple from Higashiyama (Kioto). Oda visited there a few years ago)

  • Momonosuke can't fly easily because he is scared of heights. So, Luffy pushes Momonosuke to do it.

  • We see Kaido vs Yamato continuing.

  • Momonosuke is flying with his eyes closed, so he can't directly go to the roof. He rushes to the roof by headbutting Onigashima's dome.

  • Luffy in snakeman attacks with Gear 4: Jet Culverin and Yamato attacks too, both at the same time against Kaido.

  • Momonosuke and Kaido end up facing each other in the form of dragons (like in the image).

  • Yamato uses a new attack called "Himorogiri" (translates to "Massive ice cut" or something like that).

  • She also uses a new attack called "Shirohebi" ("White Snake") when attacking with Luffy.

  • At the end of the chapter Yamato returns to her base form.

  • Luffy uses the Snakeman but quickly returns to his normal state.

  • Momonosuke is flying with his eyes closed and goes through the entire Onigashima castle until he reaches the roof.

  • Kaidou asks who he is.

  • Luffy tells him that he is the man who will become the King of the Pirates.

  • Momonosuke tells him that he is the man who will become Wanokuni's next shogun.

More to follow soon...



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