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Guten Tag zusammen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler:

Korean Source

Brief summary thanks to Redon

Chapter title- "Brachio Snake"

  • The CP0 and Lucci are near Onigashima.

  • They have 2 goals:

  • 1. If Kaidou is defeated, they will make Wano join the World Government and take control over it

  • 2. Capture Nico Robin.

  • There are less than 5 minutes left for Onigashima to reach the Capital of Flowers.

  • Yamato, in her animal form, heads to Onigashima to destroy the explosives.

  • A lot of Sanji vs. Queen.

  • Sanji continues to feel uncomfortable with his body.

  • Towards the end of the chapter, Sanji is captured and several bones are broken from his body. However, his body recovers on its own.

  • Sanji: "I don't know what's going on... Will I have awakened the same powers as them...?

    Nope!! I don't want to become a monster...!!!!"

  • At the end of the chapter, Queen attacks Sanji with his sword but it breaks when he touches Sanji's body.




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