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Hallo zusammen,

wie üblich die neusten Spoiler:

Korean source

Brief summary, thanks to Redon

Title- "The warrior of science"

  • The awakening of the Devil Fruits is a "gift".

  • Law asks Kid how much magnetism he can give but Kid does not answer.

  • Big Mom uses 1 year of her life expectancy on herself to become stronger and bigger.

  • She also gives life to several Homies, including Napoleon.

  • Drake declines Apoo's invitation.

  • Yamato breaks into the place where they are and the Numbers "Fuga" goes after Yamato.

  • The CP0 arrives where Robin and Brook are, to capture Robin.

  • The spies who wear masks are on another level from the rest.

  • Sanji is with a woman who has been attacked, it seems that he has done it but he is confused.

  • Sanji wonders if it is because of the germa's powers, and believes that he can become someone like his brothers who do not hesitate to attack women.

  • Sanji takes out the Raid Suit (the Korean doesn't say what he does with it).

  • Sanji talks to Zoro on a Den Den Mushi and asks him, if he goes crazy or loses his mind, to finish him off after the battle against Kaidou's army.

  • Sanji attacks Queen with an attack called "Hell Memories". -





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