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Hallo zusammen,

wie üblich die neusten Spoiler für das kommende Kapitel:

Korean Source

Brief summary to redon from AP forums

Chapter title- "The Dear Sword of Oden".

  • Marco transformed into a Phoenix and goes with Izou.

  • It seems that Number Fuuga is Yamato's friend.

  • Brook and Robin fall from the sky above Fuuga's head.

  • The CP0 goes after them but they are injured by the fire youkai that also falls from the upper floors.

  • Apoo discovers the CP0 and takes pictures of them to sell to Morgans.

  • CP0 knows Drake's true identity.

  • CP0 Vs. Apoo and Drake.

  • King vs. Zoro, it appears that King has a special dinosaur body (like Queen).

  • King returns to his human form and fights with his sword against Zoro.

  • Zoro: "Is it a Fishman? Does he have a Giant's blood? He obviously has the power of a race I don't know. If I don't solve the mystery, I won't be able to defeat him."

  • The Enma sword reacts to the sound of a shamisen that Zoro hears in the distance.

  • Orochi also hears the shamisen and approaches the place where it comes from. In the end he meets someone..

CP0 and Apoo





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