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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 1041: Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 1041: Spoiler EmptyMi 23 Feb - 6:28

Guten Morgen zusammen,

wie üblich einmal die neusten Spoiler für das kommende Kapitel:

From Redon:

  • Chapter 1041: “Komurasaki”.

  • On the cover, Pudding hits Yonji and Niji for bullying Sanji.

  • Momonosuke says that Oden ripped out the most important pages of his logbook, the ones about Laugh Tale.

  • Orochi is trapped by the ceiling of the room where he was. Komurasaki reveals her true identity to Orochi.

  • Orochi can't transform because Komurasaki stabs him with something made of Kairouseki.

  • The masked CP0 member and Izou give each other a double KO.

  • The boss of the CP0 receives new orders from the Gorousei: "Straw Hat Luffy" must be eliminated immediately.

  • We briefly see what happens in other parts of Onigashima (Jinbe, Zoro, Nami, Usopp...).

  • The narrator announces Raizou's victory. Jinbe saves him.

  • Franky saves Zoro with his cyborg arm.

  • Usopp is also seen saving Kinemon and Kiku.

  • Kaidou remembers, in a small flashback, the first time he met Big Mom when he was 15 years old. "I am Linlin!! The woman who will become the king of the seas!!!"

  • Big Mom asked Kaidou her age at her first meeting, and when she told her that she was 15, she replied “15? How young!!".

  • Luffy uses the Snakeman at the end of the chapter, and attacks Kaidou with a new technique called "Gomu Gomu no Hydra".

  • Luffy: "I'm not going to stop attacking you until I run out of energy!!! I'm definitely going to kick you out of “Wanokuni”!!!!"

  • The kanji of Luffy's new attack translate as "9-Headed Dragon" (九頭龍(ヒュドラ)).

    From 5ch:

    Q1: the tall one from the Cp0 and Izou are down but the other CP0 agent is receiving orders from the gorousei?

    A1: Yea

    Q2: Kaidou just starts remembering his first meeting with BM like that? And do we have Kaidou 15 yo and BM 24 yo? How do u know he is 15?

    A2: Maybe Kaidou heard the voices of the people celebrating Bm's defeat or just by her presence but he realized BM lost. We see BM telling him "15? How young" at their first contact

  • No Break Next Week. Source: Worstgen


EDIT: Spoiler upgedatet.



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