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Guten Morgen zusammen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler. Ich werde den Thread natürlich updaten.

  • Chapter 1043: Lets Die Together

  • Cover: Oven arrives at Whole Cake Island

  • Narrator: Kaido wins

  • The CP0 agent gets trampled.

  • The CP0 agent has a farewell scene but you cannot tell if he is dead, although the scene implies he is

  • Kawamatsu asks the samurai to escape, there is no honor if you burn to death

  • Kaido arrives inside the castle and says Luffy is dead. He also says that Momo has to give up

  • Kid and Law feel that Luffy lost and go to fight

  • Nami calls Kaido a snake and a liar. Kaido attacks Nami but Marco defends her

  • Kaido will fight until Momo gives up

  • Nekomamushi and Carrot also go to fight

  • Momo wants to give up and not let anyone die but Yamato tells him no

  • Yamato: Lets die together

  • Zunesha: I heard it, I heard that sound that I didn’t hear in 800 years

  • Momo: What did you hear?

  • Zunesha: The Drums of Liberation, there is no doubt, He is here!

  • Momo: Who??

  • Zunesha: Joyboy……..has come back

  • In a crazy panel, Luffy’s body melts and his strawhats does as well, something happens to him




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