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Guten Morgen zusammen,

einmal die letzten Spoiler vor dem langen Urlaub von Oda:

Thanks to Lebrent from WG forum and OroJapan
Thanks to Etenboby from WG forum

  • Color Spread is dedicated to One Piece Odyssey videogame.

  • The new bounties of Luffy, Law and Kid are 3 billion Berries each. The image on Luffy’s Wanted poster is Gear 5.

  • Hitetsu is revealed to be Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin talks with him and says that Pluton is in the Land of Wano.

  • Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, he can create plants and he can absorb people’s nutrients, we saw him using this against King and Queen.

  • There’s a big party in Flower Capital, there’re fireworks.

  • Kid arrives at the party and shows Luffy the newspaper.

  • The 4 new Emperors are revealed: Shanks, Teach, Luffy and Buggy.

  • The Wano Country Arc hasn't ended yet

More info will keep dropping throughout the week

4 WEEK BREAK (24th June - 25th July)




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