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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 1054: Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 1054: Spoiler   EmptyMo 18 Jul - 14:10

Hallo zusammen und willkommen zurück nach der Pause.

Wie üblich einmal die Spoiler:

  • Color spread shows the 4 Emperors of the Sea (Luffy, Buggy, Shanks and Blackbeard)

  • Greenbull's devil fruit is called the "Mori Mori no Mi" ("Mori" means forest) and it is a Logia.

  • Yamato hit Greenbull in his head

  • Shanks is on the shores of Wano and says: "It's time to go for the One Piece" but it seems they want to finish Bortolomeo first.

  • The news says that Sabo has killed Nefertari Cobra

  • Sabo and the Revolutionary Army successfully helped Kuma

  • They call Sabo The Emperor of the Flames

  • At the end of chapter we see Akainu and Kizaru talking to a new character, Vice Admiral "Kurouma" (Black Horse), the head of the navy investigation unit. (seems like it’s Akainu's son)

  • Bounties will not appear til next chapter.

  • New info(by WorstegenHQ ): -Scabbards vs Greenbull, Yamato joins in and hit Greenbull in the head, Momo arrives too and stops Yamato and Greenbull.

  • Not confirmed yet but there's hint about Dragon defeating/fighting one of the admirals (name not mentioned)


Confirmed by Redon

Full summary by Redon might come in the coming hours or until tomorrow evening depending on Redon-sama's mood. Will update when the full summary is available.



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