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Guten Morgen,

einmal die neusten Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Thanks to Lebrent and Etenboby from WG forum

1064: Egghead Lab Phase

  • On the cover aokiji and van augur have kidnapped pudding. “Kuzan and Augur of Blackbeard pirates” is the title of this cover, they also are on BB pirates ship.

  • Around half of the chapter is Law vs BB

  • Law uses "amputate", Blackbeard counters

  • While they fight, Pudding is a hostage on the ship of BB and has awakened her 3rd eye

  • She confirms Big Mom is dead

  • BB pirates vs Law's crew. they fight

  • Akainu heard about the ongoing fight between Law & BB on "Winner Island"

  • In Egghead Island, Bonney's rage changed the age of the group to 4

  • Bonney says Kuma was sentenced to life in prison back then. She also says he's from a special race

  • Zoro and Brook stayed on the ship, but everyone else got new clothes

  • At the end of the chapter, Shaka talks to Dragon. Shaka says he(Vegapunk) will probably die soon.





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