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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 1066: Spoiler   One Piece Kapitel 1066: Spoiler EmptyMo 7 Nov - 23:32

Guten Abend,
einmal die neusten Spoiler:

Little Spoiler, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

  • Chapter 1,066: "The will of Ohara".

  • Dragon and Vegapunk were in Ohara after World Government attack. They knew Clover.

  • After the attack to Ohara, Dragon decided to form an army.

  • A group of giants carried all Ohara's books to Elbaf. That group was lead by "someone with bandages all over the body".

  • At the end of chapter, Luffy meets real Vegapunk.- Real Vegapunk: "Dragon's son! I know you'd come!!"

redon replying to some comments on the Spanish forum:

Comment: Will the appearance of the real Vegapunk be revealed?

redon: Yeah, we see what he looks like.

Comment: I'm really intrigued by the Dragon - Vegapunk relationship, is it known roughly when Vegapunk started working with the navy? I wonder if it's before the Ohara incident. If so, we could think that Dragon was a marine and after seeing what happened, he decided to rebel... VERY interesting

redon: Everything is explained in the chapter. What I've posted is a short spoiler, it's not everything that appears in the chapter.


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