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BeitragThema: One Piece Kapitel 1072 Spoiler    One Piece Kapitel 1072 Spoiler   EmptyDi 17 Jan - 6:46

Guten Morgen und noch ein frohes neues Jahr,

einmal die üblich die neusten Spoiler:

Confirmed by redon:

Chapter 1,072: "The weight of memory."

On the cover, Queen, Judge and Caesar are creating weapons.

  • Flashback: Vegapunk explains that Kuma's power turns intangible things into tangible things, like he did with Luffy's "pain" in Thriller Bark.

  • Kaku uses his awakened form against Zoro, although Zoro defeats him.

  • It is revealed that Stussy is a clone of a former member of the Rock Pirates.

  • Edit: Stussy is the clone of (Miss)Buckingham Stussy

    more on Kuma, his power can materialize signals sent from the nervous system, such as pain, thoughts and memories Vegapunk wants him to help with his experiment and materialize Kuma’s own memories so he can figure out the weight of memories This curiosity had to do with OP’s version of this,the%20soul%20departed%20the%20body experiment refers,the soul departed the body.

    Next week there is no break

    Not 100% confirmed

  • Kakus awakening doesnt have clouds unlike Lucci and Luffy

  • Zoro still isnt using ACoC)

    Redon added that he dedicated the kinda early release of the leaks to Jmena (Un-amed). RIP

    There is no delay next week. No Break Next Week. Chapter 1072 on next Thursday (01/19). Chapter 1073 is coming on January 26th





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