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Hallo zusammen,

nach längerer Abwesenheit wieder wie gewohnt die Spoiler zum kommenden Kapitel:

Chapter 1,077 “You should have realized that sooner"

  • on the cover Judge and Caesar realize that Vegapunk is their real obstacle.

  • Zoro realizes the Seraphims have abilities similar to King.

  • Lilith uses bubble gun against S-Snake, but she escapes and turns Usopp into stone.

  • At the end of the chapter, someone shoots Shaka in his head and his head explodes.

No Break Next Week. Chapter 1077 Thursday (3/9). Chapter 1078 is coming on March 16th.

From EtenBoby on WorstGen

A small addition and clarification about the chapter title:

The title of the chapter is related to Zoro, whose concept is "He should have known it beforehand", referring to the moment when Zoro realizes that the Seraphim have similar abilities and characteristics to King's

Additional info from EtenBoby:

Obviously that doesn’t include everything that happened in the chapter

Luffy’s group vs Seraphims, Usopp group being turned to stone, and the Shaka part are the three main events of the chapter in my opinion

And Sanji I guess




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