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Zitat :
Credits: Branky
Quelle: 2ch
Bestätigung: Bestätigt

585 兄弟盃


Credits: aohige
Quelle: onemanga
Bestätigung: Bestätigt

Chapter 585: Brothers' Cup
Luffy and co are shown performing no-good deeds around the area (Luffy not being able to beat Ace once is shown as well)
And...who was that kid, I forgot his name, I loled at the part where he was taken back by his daddy.

Deutsche Übersetzung:
Zitat :

Credits: DStiolyzeox
Bestätigung: Bestätigt

Chapter 585: Brüderlichkeit
Ruffy und Co. sind zu sehen wie sie böse Taten verüben (es wird auch gezeigt, dass Ruffy nich in der Lage ist Ace zu schlagen)
Und...wer war dieses Kind ich habe sein Namen vergessen [TN: Gemeint ist hier Sabo], ich habe an der Stelle "verpennt" als er von seinem Vater mitgenommen wurde.

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Zitat :
Source: Ohana
Credits: Aohige_AP
Verification: bestätigt

Chapter 585: Brothers' Cup
Cover is Hannyabal and Magellan fishing

Luffy is practicing Gum-Gum moves, and sparring with Ace & Sabo
They're growing up to be strong

In the Goa Kingdom there are, Fuusha village, Gray Terminal, a city, and palace.

The three runs away from restaurant after eating food for free
A man calls on Sabo, but he brushes it off

Ace and Luffy asks him what he's hiding

He spills the beans. He's not an orphan, and the man who called on him was his father.
His parents argued because Sabo was a bad kid, so he ran away

All three of them say they want to be a captain, and Ace says they can toast the sake cup to become brothers, so they do.

More days of mischief.
They return to Fuusha village once in a while

The three leave a note at Dadan's place saying they'll go independant, and build a treehouse to live

One day..... Bluejam captures Sabo
Sabo's father asked him to catch him.
Bluejam says he'll rid of the other two
Sabo agrees to go back home, so Luffy and Ace doesn't get hurt
Sabo walks off without looking back
Luffy and Ace yells for him, saying they'll be alright

Chapter ends with Sabo's tears

More from ohana
There's a scene after Sabo tells them the truth, Ace yells he'll be a great pirate
And Luffy says something, that makes Ace and Sabo looks confused.
He may have said "I'll become a pirate king!"

Ace & Sabo: WHAT?
Sabo: Ahahahaha, Luffy, you're so funny. I'll look forward to seeing your future!
So I'm sure Luffy said pirate king.

They go back to Fuusha village, the three gets beaten up by Garp, all the cutscenes are funny.
(Another 2ch told her she read it wrong, they didn't go back to Fuusha, instead Makino came to their hideout)

Sabo is a noble of Goa Kingdom
He was going to be forced to marry a royal princess, but he didn't want to.
His parents fought over Boa's attitudes, so he ran away from home.

Is Sabo's hat different from Ace's?

Dadan is actually pretty kind.
Even after the three left her home, she had her underlings watch over them

One Pice volume 58 is out 6/4
Cover is Garp, Sengoku and the three Admirals.

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