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One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics Cover590
Title "Younger brother"

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00110
East Blue, Goa Kingdom
Village of Fuusha (Windmill)

Villager: It's Mr Garp!! Garp returned home in a marine ship!!
villager: Is it a business trip?

Garp: Hey, good to see you guys alright

villager: Mr Garp! I read the newspaper!
villager: What happened to Luffy!?
villager: With Whitebeard dead, what's going to happen to this world! Mr Garp!?

villager: For the last few days, we keep seeing pirate ship off the shore.... we can't sleep at night!
- - - - -
Garp: I just now sank a pirate ship off the shore
village: Oh really! Thank god!
Garp: They were amature pirates who knew nothing of war...
From now on... the sea of the entire world will be unstable for a while...
Don't let your guard down just because this is a remote island of East Blue.
Marines: Yes sir!

(Marines put a sign announcing Vice Admiral Garp's protection of the town)

villager: Oh, how reassuring!

villager: Mr Garp, we have another problem!! A Mountain bandit came down from the mountain... and is occupying the bar!!
Garp: Mountain bandits...?
Makino?: No!! Please, wait!!
Dadan: Hey Garp!!!
villager: that's her!!

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00210
Dadan: How dare you show your face here!!!

villager: Mr Garp!!
villager: Kyaaaa!!!

Dadan: *panting*
Marines: Vice Admiral Garp!!! (readys their rifles)
Garp: Hold back! She's an acquaintance of mine...
- - - -
Dadan: You were right there at the war...!!! They were right in front of your eyes...!!!
Why did you let Ace die!!!!!

Dadan: You chose your duty over your family!? Garp!! To hell with the "Hero of the marines"!! Die, you goddamn old geezer!!
Magra: hey, hey, boss stop!!!
Makino: Please stop, Dadan!!
Garp: Makino...

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00310
Makino: Mr Garp wasn't able to save the two who were right in his arms reach! It shook him more than anyone else!!
Dadan: The one that's most shaken is Luffy!!!

Ace: I'm Ace!! Who the hell are you?
Makino: Booo! No, "who the hell" is too rude.
Luffy: how about "who the heck"?
Ace: Who the heck are you?
Makino: Hahahaha, no, no that's not it. You guys aren't being serious are you?

(In the Japanese, they actually said "temee" then used "omee", above is my liberal take to convey it in English)

Garp: You know how much he looked up on his brother...!! Makino!
- - - - -
Woopslap: Garp.... where is Luffy? The newspaper said his whereabouts are unknown...
Garp: Hey chief... He ran away on a submarine. No wreckage was found...!! He's most likely alive!
Woopslap: ......

Villager: you hear that?
villager: thank god! But why is there a bandit...?

Dadan: Luffy, that idiot...!! No matter what kind of pirate he'll grow up to be, I'm always going to be on his side!!
My heart is about to shred into pieces just thinking of what he's feeling right now!!

Dadan: LUfffyyy!!! Don't let it bring you down!!!!

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 0041011
Shanks: Don't say that... Even though we were enemies, Whitebeard was a man deserving of my respect. That goes for even Sengoku.
Well, we're leaving now...
Marco: Yeah... and thanks.
- - - -
Shanks: Luffy, this must be hard on you. I heard Ace's last actions, and it surprised me.
It sounded like something Captain Roger would do. At times I wanted my captain to run away, and sometimes cry.
Listen, Luffy... A man becomes a real man after learning both victory and defeat, as well as running and crying.
It's ok to cry...!! But then get over it!!!

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00510
Calm Belt, female island

Luffy: DAAAAAMNNNIITTT!!!! I am weak! I can't protect anything!!!
Jinbei: Luffy.....
Luffy: Go away...!! Leave me alone!!!
- - - -
Jinbei: I can't do that. I can't stand looking at you hurt yourself like that
Luffy: It's my own body!! I'll do as I please!!!

Jinbei: Well then, Ace's body was his own as well. Him dying is his own will.
Luffy: YOU SHUT UP!!! Any more word out of you, and I'll beat you!!
Jinbei: If that'll calm you down, you can try. I may be injured as well, but I wouldn't lose to you in a state like that....!!

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00610
Ace: Jinbei... While I was on route chasing Teach, I came across my brother in Alabasta. I haven't seen him in 3 years.
One look at him, and I knew he was alright. Why do you think that is?

Luffy bites Jinbei
Jinbei: Oh Ow!! Ouch...!! OUCH!!!, STOP IT YOU BRAT!!! *SLAM*

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00710
Jinbei: Can you not see anything anymore!? Your confidence to climb over any walls! Your own strength you never doubted!
Numerous enemies whom you don't stand a chance to have broken both of those mercilessly!
And then your brother you looked up to as a guide in this sea..!! Yes, you may have lost many!!
Your eyes are being covered by the massive wall called this World!!
But you cannot see ahead like that!! You are being swallowed in your own guilty conscience!!
- - -

Jinbei: It may be hard on you right now, Luffy!!! But you must surpress them for now!!
Don't just think about what you have lost!! What you no longer have, you no longer have!!
Reaffirm yourself!! What do you still have left!?
Luffy: !!?

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 1810
I still have my crew!!!

One Piece Manga 590 Spoiler Pics 00810
Jinbei: .... I see.
Luffy: Zoro!! Nami!! Usopp!! Sanji!! Chopper!! Robin!! Franky!! Brook!! I have... my crewmates!!!
We have a rendezvous point... I have to go...

Ace: You know what I saw? Jinbei...
Ace: With a clumsy brother like him, I'm always worried about him, you know?
I know he may cause many trouble for you guys, but...
- - - -
flashback continued
Ace: He's no longer just a little brother Luffy following me around.
He had reliable crewmates supporting him. No matter what happens, he'll be alright. It reassured me.

Luffy: I wanna see them right now....
I wanna see them!!!

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