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One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 110

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0110

East Blue
Above the massive bridge...

Revolutionary: "The light of revolution".... that's what we called you, and have been searching for you for more than 10 years.
You are the sole survivor of the nation who fought against the world...Ohara.

Revolutionary: Please do not fear us... we are your allies.
Our boss have instructed us to protect you from the World Government with all our might if we ever come across you.
Robin: Your boss?
Revolutionary: The chief commander of the Revolutionary Army... Dragon.

Robin: (that's Luffy's father....)
Fufu... what a strange fate.
Revolutionary: ?
Please meet our boss. I will take you to him.
Robin: ..... No, I'm sorry, I have a place where I must return to.
Besides, you don't have to protect me. I have crewmates.

Revolutionary: Ah, the Strawhat Pirates. Yes, we have all the information about you...

*alarms goes off*
???: B2 under seige by enemy forces! (cut off and blurry)

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0210

Revolutionary: Did you read!? About that Strawhat Luffy they claim to be Dragon's son...!
Revolutionary: Yeah, he was said to be missing in action after the war, but now he shows up and cause such an incident...!!
Revolutionary: We should get this newspaper to Nico Robin asap. I'm sure she's worried about him....
I don't think she's passed the bridge yet.

driver: We will be passing through several ruins before we get to the end of the bridge.
This is because as the construction of the bridge advances, the entire nation moves forward along with it.
By the way, we're just passing through the contruction site from 300 years ago.
Robin: Why are they making this bridge....!!?

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0410

Grandline, Pink island, Kamabakka Kingdom

Iva: So this is the wanted picture of Strawhat boy?
Sanji: Yeah.
Iva: This is Pirate Hunter Zoro
Sanji: Yeah!? *pissed*
Iva: And this is Thief Cat Nami
Sanji: YEaAaaAaaAH!
Iva: And this is King of Snipers, Sogeking
Sanji: yeah...
Iva: And this is you?
Sanji: HELL NO!!

Iva: See, I knew it! Where are you!? You don't have any proof that you're a crewmate of Strawhat boy!!
Sanji: I told you already, I'm his crewmate!!! Just tell me what's happening to Luffy right now, kamaKing!!
It says right here on the newspaper that you were with Luffy!!!

Iva: is this you?
Sanji: NO!!! I mean, it is, but it's not...!!!!
....At least the name is mine...... *shaking in anger*
Iva: Why does it pain you so much to say it?
Sanji: YEAH, IT'S ME!!! That stupid looking wanted poster... is defenitely me! (blood spewing from mouth from admitting it)
Iva: Nah, it looks nothing like you.
Sanji: THEN STOP MAKING ME SAY IT!!! You're making me cough up blood for nothing!!
Iva: It's no use. As long as there's even 0.1% chance of you being a spy of the WG or the Marines,
I won't give you any information of Strawhat boy!!!
Sanji: Fine... then please let me borrow a ship. I have to get to the rendezvous point where Luffy should be coming!!
Iva: I won't give you a ship either
Iva: mmmmmmnnnnn well alright, you've convinced me with your sincere heart. You want Strawhat boy's information? fine, I....
Sanji: eh?

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0610

Iva: ...won't tell you! HEEEHAW!
okama: Oh, he got me there!!
okama: Iva-sama!

Sanji: haa... haaa... damnit
okama: I think he's weakened
okama: This is the time, let's put him in a sweet dress!
Sanji: I will never wear that thing again!! Stay put!!!
I'm a man amongst man, and I love ladies!! Don't you dare get near me!!!
....hey, your name is Iva right? Alright, I decided to take your ship like a true pirate. Duel me!!
Iva: sure.

(Sanji beaten to pulp)

Iva: I'll tell you what's going on with Strawhat boy, twirly boy.
Sanji: ....why did you change your mind?
Iva: Well, it's because it's already out on the news and the world knows.
I wonder what he's up to?
Sanji: Today's newspaper.... WHAT!? LUFFY!?
Inazuma: Iwa-san!! We have a call from Vertigo...!!
Iva: Oh, is that right.
Inazuma: Please follow me to the communication room.

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0810

Grandline, Vertigo, the island of white earth

Iva: The news was taking about the relation with Garp as well.
Your identity have been exposed to the world all at once hasn't it, Dragon?
How are the Revolutionary soldiers reacting to it?
Dragon: heh... seems they were relieved to learn that their creepy boss is infact, a human being with blood coursing through his body.
It doesn't matter, Luffy is not a child any more. But I never guessed he was with you...
Iva: Did you see today's newspaper? Strawhat boy is full of surprises!
He must have gotten his unprecedented antics from his parents.
Dragon: ......
(White denden-mushi, sends a mental wave that blocks wiretapping)
Iva: Anyways, me and Inazuma....

Iva: ... both have a lot to talk with you, after the sudden break out.
Dragon: Yes, I figure...
Pretty soon we will have to gather all the commanders that are spread all around the world.
With Whitebeard's death, the way the world turns and the way the WG governs will change drastically.
... and I need to tell you what happened to Kuma.
Iva: !!.... yes, I would like to know that very much. Why is he following the government's orders?
The Kuma I knew is no more... he tried to kill me!!
Dragon: ........

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0611

Grandline, Sabaody archpelago
The dock where the Thousand Sunny is parked

Kidnapper: Hand over that ship!! That belongs to Strawhat Luffy, the son of the revolutionary Dragon, doesn't it!?
If we hand it over to the marines, they would pay us a pretty sum of cash!!
Look, we're in the same business... if you hand over that ship in peace, I'll be willing to split the money with you, Flying Fish Riders!!!
Duval: What's that? Did you say Handsome?
Kidnapper: How did you hear that from what I said!? Just hand over the ship, you idiot!!!

Duval: Like the hell I wouldnurabeccha!!!

Duval: Listen up!! I, the gorgeously handsome Duval, would never hand over the ship of my benefactor under any romantic..I mean circumstances!!
While I'm alive, I won't let a finger on the young master's ship!! I would, however, like to lay a finger on a girl!!
Uh, I mean, Don't you even think you can lay your fingers on it!! Right guys!?
YES! Barasome!

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics Missin10

Camie: Woo!! Duvally, you're so cool~~!
Duval: See, I get love calls from chicks because I'm HANDSOME!
Duval: I love you too!!
Camie (talking to Hacchin): The first place we should take them is Mermaid Cafe! It's so fashionable there
Hacchin: Nyuuu the best place to sight see is the Fishman Karate dojo, Camie
Pappag: I promised that skeleton I will introduce him to the mermaid princess.

FFR: Master Duval, they're ignoring you!
Duval: Oh for real! Oh well, no biggie!
Camie: Hey Shakky-chan? They're gonna gather again using the vivre card, right? Thanks to the newspaper, we know Luffy-chin is doing fine!
Shakky: Yeah, it may take a little time... but it seems Ray got to Luffy safely.
Until then, we have to protect this ship somehow....
Duval: Hey sis! we're here to do just that! I don't care if marines or whatever come to...
FFR: Master Duval!!! It's Kuma!!!
Duval: A Bear? There's no bears on this island....

It's the Shichibukai "Kuma"!!!!

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 0910

Grandline, Sandy isle, the nation of sand...
Alabasta Kingdom captial, Alubama

Cobra: What happened to the pirates?
Pell: We chased them off. No damage was done to the city.
We're strengthening the harbors, but...
Chaka: we'll have to be on alert for a while.
Cobra: I wish all pirates were like Luffy, but that is not the case.
Pell?: Oh that reminds me... have you read the morning papers, your majesty?
Cobra: Of course...
Vivi took the papers with her to her room, looking rather confused...
Vivi: Umm.... is it for fashion!? No it can't be, it's Luffy afterall....

Grandline some nation, some town
Croc: it's only been 3 weeks since the war...
they barely escaped with their life intact, and now... what are they doing...??
Daz: I'm sure they're up to something. If not, they're nuts.
Croc: You think so, Daz?
Daz: The Strawhat was injured. Would those injury go away so easily?
Croc: kuku.... are you messing with me? Our wounds are already healed....
In fact, to prove it.. I'm going back to the good ol' New World. You coming with me?
Daz: Of course.

One Piece Manga 593 Spoiler Pics 1113

Grandline, some island...

Buggy's crew: Captain Buggy!! We've been looking for you!!
Moji: After you were captured... we were so worried we couldn't even sleep at night!
Kabaji: We traveled east... and west.... in attempt to rescue you! We spent days fighting, full of wounds from defeat....
then suddenly, you were all over the newspaper as a hero, when you were supposed to be serving your time in the jail!!
We followed you all this time, believed in you, and thought to ourselves... SEE WORLD!? THIS IS OUR CAPTAIN!
Buggy: You guys... you guys believed in me so much......
I wanted to see you guys!!!
crew: Captain Buggyyy!!!!!

Albida:..... um, didn't you guys give up on Buggy?

Moji: Alright fellas, I am the first mate of Buggy Pirates, Moji!!!
pirates: Uoooo!!! Brother Moji!!!
Kabaji: And I am the chief advisor, Kabaji!!
pirates: Uoooo!!! Brother Kabaji!!

Albida: Wow, They are all high bounty pirates with familar faces....
Buggy: Hey Albida, wanna see something awesome?
Albida: It can't be!!! Captain John's treasure mark!?
Buggy: Gyahahahaha!! The tide of the world doesn't blow west or east....
it's blowing towards ME!!!
Galdino: Hey buggy, you just got a message bat from the government.
Buggy: What!? How did they know where I am!?
Galdino: This is unbelievable...!!!
Buggy: Hey!! Don't read it before me!!!

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