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One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 00010

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics Title10

Grandline, near the Sabaody Archpelago

Heart pirate crew: What!? We're not entering the New World yet!?
Law: I said we'll wait for the time... don't rush, One Piece isn't gonna run away...
Crew: But you heard right? Those guys from Blackbeard pirates are wrecking the place already....
Law: Those who want to crush each other can go ahead and do so... it's a stupid battle I'm not interested in getting involved.

Law: Stop talking nonsense, shut up and follow me...
I'll rob whatever chair belongs to us...!!
Crew: Yeah!! Captain!!

(chair, analogy for place. title. fame. place in powers. etc)

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics A114

New world, a winter island

Pirate: This is a favorite island of Master Kaidou of the Yonkou... and he entrusted me to defend it.
Drake: ...... and? What do you want me to do?
Pirate: I don't want you to do anything... I'm just warning you not to anger him, rookie.
Drake: ... in other words, if I take you head, Kaidou won't put up with it?
Pirate: Yeah, that's right. Now that you understand, just pack up and le....
Drake: Alright then, that makes things faster.
Pirate: !!?

- - - - - - - - -

New World, a spring island
Apoo: Run!! There's no way we can fight off that army of vicious boars!!
Crew: There's a cliff ahead!!
Apoo: Who cares, just jump!!!

Apoo: ......HUH!!?
Crew: uh, Captain Apoo!? Both we and the boars are running on air!?
Apoo: Yeah, I can see that!! What the hell is going on on this island!!!??

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics A210

New World ..... certain burning island

Sanjuan Wolf: It's hoooot... my feet barely reaches the bottom....
I can't put strength in my body either.... OW! a fish bit me.

Teach: Stop complaining, Wolf!! It's your fault our raft ship is nearly broken!!
We're negotiating because of you!!
Shiliew: Trying to travel the New World on a raft like that is a terrible idea in the first place.
Teach: If I knew this was gonna happen, I should've stolen a marine battleship at Marineford!!


Jesus: Don't you feel attached to thing!?
Shiliew: I'm saying it's careless. And that goes for all of you.
Avalo Pizaro: Meow! Let me take the lead!! You wanna switch captain position with me, Teach?
Laffitte: Hohoho... I would kill you. We're "Blackbeard" pirates.
Doc Q: The heavens know the fate of all already.... ah...
Vasco Shot: We're gonna run out of booze, shouldn't hurry our butts to an island with a town!?
Catarina Devon: Yeah, I'd rather have clothes than a ship!! I'm sick of prisoner clothes
Van Augur: I'll go check it out. It's taking far too long
Teach: Yeah, even these guys are starting to feel impatient!!

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics A115

Teach: Isn't that right, Jewelry Bonney!?
Bonney's crew: Captain Bonny....
Teach: I wonder how a little girl like you ended up with over 100 million berries..
New World is a sea meant only for the few chosen strong ones!!
Good long journey all the way from South Blue, but you're out of the race here, zehahahaha!!
Bonney: ......!!!
Teach: You'refar too weak to make a crew of mine, but... If you agreee to be my woman, I don't mind taking you with me to the ocean ahead... how about it, eh?


Bonney: Piss off!! filthy Pigbeard!!
Teach: Doh!!
BB Pirates: Gyahahahahaha!!
Teach: Damn, she's too unruly. A woman should be more elegant, don't you think?
I got enough unruly thugs in my crew already!!
Crew: Hahahahahahahaha!!
Teach: Alright then, we'll follow our plan and trade her for a marine ship!!
Augur: Captain!! I've spotted the marines!
Teach: Did they bring the battleship as they promised?
Augur: They have, but it doesn't look like they're willing to let go of it!
Teach: Eh!? How can you tell?
Augur: Akainu is on it!!!

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 0412

Teach: Oh damn!!! I don't want that just yet...!!! Let's get the hell outta here!!
Jesus: Gyahahahahaha!!! Major Fail!!!

Akainu: ....where is Blackbeard?
Marfine: They're no longer here, sir!
Akainu: .... when I heard you ran away from the government, it sent a chill down my spine.... but it's all over now....
Bonney: You....!! I will never forgive you!!!

("you" is plural here)


Redline, Holy city of Mariejois

WG official: dissapeared, you say...?
DoFlamingo: Yeah, to be honest. I'm not trying to be vague, he literally vanished on the spot!!
Fufufu... I'm surprised, are you aware of a move like that with the Kage Kage ability??
official: This is no matter to laugh at!!

DoFlamingo: It's alright.... his life was nearly at the end.
No matter what he does, it's too late.
yeah... unless he returns as a zombie or something. Fufufufu!!! That would be fitting

official: That's a damn sloppy job you did!!

DoFlamingo: Hmm!!?
official: !!?
Doflamingo: Watch it. When the hell did you become my boss?
I don't care how much power you have in the WG, I'm a damn pirate and it doesn't matter to me...!!!
If my deal with you become... uninteresting, I'll quit Shichibukai at any time. Remember that.

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 0114

South Blue, Torino Kingdom

denizen: Raccoony~~! We did say to come by some time, but this is way too early for a return!!
Choppermask: No, you got it wrong!! I may look like him... but I'm his friend, Chopper Mask!!
denizen: doesn't work, Raccoony. You feel so embarassed to return so early, you disguised yourself with that weird costume, no?
Choppermask: nnnnnno that's not true!!
denizen: Hey, don't be mean. You're supposed to play along in times like this
Chopper: Alright!! Fine!! Your kindness hurts!!
denizen: Hey it's Raccoony.


Chopper: To tell you the truth, I suddenly have something I must do...!! Let me stay here for a little while!
denizen: Whatever the reason, you're welcome here!!
Chopper: Above that massive tree, I saw many plants I've never seen even in books... I must study them!!
I gotta build up stamina and power...!! Boy I'm gonna be busy!!
denizen kid: huh? it's Raccoony?

Chopper: Whoa!! All these books!!
denizen: This is the village library. If you need to research, use here.
This island has many plants for strong medicines.
We've had the technology to create medicines, but the birds were stopping us from making them.
It was very bothersome.
Chopper: I've been judging the people here from the way the look...
but come to think of it, the weapons were very mechanical....

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 0312

Chopper: The tribe look like bunch of morons, but in fact, the standard of the culture in this nation is quite high... there's much to learn from here!
denizen:, Raccoony? You may not have noticed, but you were speaking your thoughts out aloud. With extremely rude first half.

Chopper: (I wonder how much I could accomplish in this country...)

villagers: It's a snowman!!! Monster!!!
Chopper: What's a pirate?
Hiruruk: There's plenty of them out in the sea
Luffy: Wait up, MEAT!!
Chopper: Gyaaa!!! Help mee!!!!
Luffy: Shut up!! Let's go!!


Chopper: (Luffy took me out to this sea... I could barely keep up with him, I wonder what I've done for him?)
Chopper: Hey!! Let me have those plants!!
Luffy (flashback) Everyone!! Just think about running!!
Chopper: I don't want to ever feel that miserable again...!!

Chopper: (It must have been much harder on Luffy. Because you made me your crew, I can bear whatever people say to me now
If I can be your strength... I'd become a true monster!!)
Chopper: Luffy!!! I'll get stronger!!!!

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 0115

Grandline, Kamabakka kingdom

Iva: What was up with that newspaper?
You said "I see" and calmed down after reading it
Sanji: I read a message from that article that only Luffy's crew would understand.
If you don't believe I'm his crew, then I won't tell ya~~~
Iva: This man's pissing me off

Sanji: Hey, who made this meal?
Iva: !! ... you're a man who can understand the difference it seems.
Sanji: The taste is good, but... it's also strangely strength enducing...!!

Iva: This is a "Dish of aggression". There's plenty of chefs that can create this on our island!!
If I told you that 100% of every human in the world drank milk every day, there would be no crime, would you believe me?
Look!! Look at the beautiful muscles of the candies on this island!! And their gentle hearts!!
A meal is ****!! The body! The personality! Food creates everything in a human body!! It's a waste not to be aggressive!!


Sanji: Build the bodies with meals....!? I never thought of that....
I can support the crew's body building with everyday meal?

Sanji: Besides!! What if Nami-san and Robin-chan become even more sexy bodies!? What should I do!!?
Iva: ...what should I do with this guy?

Sanji: Alright, I'm riled up!!! Teach me this "Dish of Aggression"!!!

Iva: And the answer is... NO~~~~!!!!
Sanji: guh!!

Iva: This "99 vital recipes" is a secret tradition of the Kamabakka island,
and one of the New Kama Kenpo ultimate "Bride Training" technique!!
I wouldn't teach it to some no-name like you!!!
You must make your heart that of a woman, and learn the New Kama Kenpo!!

One Piece Manga 595 Spoiler Pics 0313

Sanji: I refuse!!!
I wasn't born to be friends with the ladies... I was born to LOVE the ladies!!! I am an MAN!!
Iva: Heeeehaw!! Well, you sure are dedicated to your ways...!! I like that!!
Alright, then, I'll give you a chance...!!! Nnnn~~~fufufu!!

Iva: I'll hand each of the 99 recipe to a New Kama Kenpo master on this island.
You call yourself a pirate, try and take the recipe from them all...!!!
....however, the New Kama on this island will hound you day and night to try and dress you up with sweets dress!! Can you maintain your manhood through out their onslaught!?
YOU VS New Kama Kenpo Head Temple!!!

Sanji: ..........
Iva: If you win this battle, I'll even give you a ship. I'll grant all of your requests.
If you lose... I wonder if you can keep your manhood? Nnn~~fufufu
Sanji: When I've won against all of them, I should be several times stronger than now...


Luffy (flashback): Hey cook!! Join my crew!! I want you as the ship's cook!!
Zeff (flashback): Watch him well, Sanji... Even if you equip yourself with hundreds of weapons... sometimes you lose to a single spear strapped to his body

Sanji: (Hey Luffy... don't you lose!!)

Sanji (flashback): Hey, have you heard of All Blue?

Sanji: (Next time I see you, I'll support you with the best support in the world in your quest for Pirate King!!
After I live through this hell!!!)

Sanji: I accept that challenge!!!

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